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December 2010 - I would like to commend the team that cleaned our house today: Sandra, Romelia, and Elizabet. We had many Christmas decorations up, which made cleaning difficult, but they did a good job. But the reason I am writing is that when I went into the guest bedroom (hall bedroom) after they left, I saw my lost earring on the bedside table. I had lost it a couple weeks ago and had given up on ever finding it. One of the ladies must have found it while cleaning and put it up where I would see it. I appreciate that special care very much. I was very fond of that pair of earrings and had kept the remaining one, hoping someday to buy a matching set. I expected that if it was somewhere on the floor it would just be sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, but whoever cleaned that room was very careful and saved it. Please thank them for me. Sincerely, Joyce
We recently returned from out of town yesterday and were extremely happy with the way out home looked after our cleaning. Great job!
Both employees were very polite, cooperative & good working--no wasted time. We definitely want them back.
Thank you! The house looked awesome.
Fantastic job! Just what I wanted! Thanks.
I was very pleased!
Very nice people. We are happy with their good work!