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We may be a cleaning company, but this is not a blog about cleaning!

Who Is The Cleaning Authority?
Welcome to The Cleaning Authority Blog, Authority On Clean. The Cleaning Authority is a dedicated leader in the green house cleaning industry committed to protecting your home and the environment. We have been providing high quality residential cleaning services for over 30 years and we have built a reputation for providing reliable maid services at competitive prices.

But we are more than just a housecleaning company. Think of us as a free time dispenser. Today's modern family tends to consist of two parents working full-time jobs AND looking after the kids AND pets AND house chores AND cooking dinner AND.... the list goes on. We believe that a clean house encourages a healthy and happy home, but to get it as clean as the professionals can be a second job in itself and we think you deserve a break. The Cleaning Authority is here and wants to be your maid service, so you can focus on spending more time with your family and less time cleaning.

What Is This Blog About?
We have created this blog to show you some of the exciting things that you can do as a family or on your own free time instead of cleaning. You'll find Recipes, Fitness Tips, Crafts & DIY projects, Organizational tips and much more. We will feature guest contributors, as well as, inform you of local news on The Cleaning Authority and helpful tips for a green lifestyle. Hopefully you find these resources helpful and we will inspire you to take full advantage of your free time whether it be a with new craft project or just sitting back and relaxing, enjoying your already clean house!

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