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I came home from work to find the house super clean! I did not expect such a superb job. It was so worth the money. Best in Boise!!!
First time using a cleaning company so there was some apprehension. They came out and did a walk through and covered everything very well. Cleaning day came and no issues whatsoever. They even found the "mystery sock" that my wife planted. :)
I give this business a 5 star. Regular bi-weekly cleaning is on my calendar.
For the first time cleaning from The Cleaning Authority, my wife and I were impressed. Thanks!
I work from home and would just groan at the thought of all that needed to be done. I would leave all the wood blinds closed so I wouldn't see the dust! When I would go out, it seemed the weight of all that needed to be done would wait for me at the door. But now the blinds are open, letting the sunshine in and my house just sparkles! I am a lot more productive in my office and I don't hesitate to ask friends over for a meal! It's much easier to keep up on the little things, when the big jobs are done. I enjoy my beautiful home so much more now!! Thank you, TCA!!
So far a perfect experience each time - glad we found you!
Everything is professional! I always know when they are coming, the girls are super nice to my dog, my house always's all good!
I just had my 1st clean and both women were very professional and thorough. I really enjoyed them!! Super friendly and very accommodating. I was very pleased with their work.
The price was fair and the house cleaners were hard working, fast, and thorough. My husband and I were very impressed with the end result. I also have many chemical sensitivities, but I had no negative reaction to the cleaners they used.
I am a 24/7 caregiver for my husband and The Cleaning Authority is his gift to me for taking care of him. Now that's a loving, appreciative husband. Our cleaning team comes every other week and they are friendly, professional and always do a great job. Thank you, Cleaning Authority,
We have been very appreciative of the wonderful cleaning of our home. The cleaning crews have been very respectful and pleasant, in addition to doing a great job! We are very pleased with the Cleaning Authority.
Just a note to say a big "Thank You" to Francesca and Martha for a great house cleaning last Tuesday. They really got our bathrooms ready for summer company, looking SO nice. And the rest of the house so fresh after all the birthdays. Here's a little story I told Francesca. It sums up my admiration for their excellent work: Once upon a time, in ancient Persia, the carpet makers were taught to purposefully build in a single flaw in each amazing rug. The reason? That one flaw calls attention to the perfection of the whole rug. Because---only Allah is perfect. So, when I was excited to discover a spider in one of the bathrooms after they'd cleaned, as I told her, it only pointed out how perfect everything else is! Especially because I needed one for my sons microscope and couldn't find any last week! Congratulations to your fine company as we head into our third year with you.
I arrived home yesterday to find the cleaners had completed their work by 3:30 as we had originally discussed. This was very nice! It only got better from there. My stairs were as clean as I have had them in a very long time. The shower and doors were gorgeous. I just wanted to send along kudos and a big thank you to the team that cleans my house. I appreciate all they do more than you can imagine. Thank you, thank you thank you!
I didn't believe you when you said the quality of your service would remain consistent. All the other services I have had got worse over time. I am writing to let you know that I am a believer. Your service is great! Thank you.
You are worth every penny! At first my husband chose a different service because they were a few bucks cheaper. Well, we got what we paid for. Now we know and we are so happy with your service and personnel. Thank You!
You guys did such a GREAT job, our house looked SO good... what a treat. Here is the key, you can keep it!
I had to call to tell you how impressed I was with my last clean. I went to move some items on my shelf, items I had not moved in ages, and they were clean and so was the area around them. You guys clean places I didn't even know you cleaned!
For all the ladies from 'The Cleaning Authority' who have worked at our house over the past year, you have been greatly appreciated for the great job that you all perform. We have been blessed by having you in our house. Please enjoy the brownies!