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Cleaning was well done except the bath tubs. May be not included. I a yet to find out.
Team 18 was remarkable. As they entered the home, introducing themselves. Customer Service was exceptional and professional. I felt so at peace and relaxed as I watched them. When they left the house my home was "breathtaking" Team 18 represented The Cleaning Authority with their service of excellence.
Just wanted to say the house looks beautiful. All the ladies that work for you must be Angels they are so nice. Please let them know.....Thanks again.......J K (Bowie)
I just started with The Cleaning Authority and am very pleased so far. Loved that the owner of the franchise came out to view the house, explain their service and approach and then provided an estimate on the spot. The first clean went very well and a manager showed up at the house to check in with the team and me. Excellent idea and good to know this will happen periodically. My previous cleaning company really let my house go such that this first of 2 longer initial cleanings took 4.5 hours. Glad to have my house getting back into a clean state again and I look forward to the next cleaning!
We appreciate the cleaning staff's attention to detail. They did an outstanding job. It's such a pleasure to have a clean and fresh smelling home!
Thank you for the hard work. I look forward to receiving my crew. The ladies are thorough and tasks in record time.
Very satisfied with The Cleaning Authority and the cleaning crew #8 they do an excellent job cleaning my house!
I love this company. Coming home after they have cleaned is always a pleasure. The house is spotless, including blinds and ceiling fans. They are always here as scheduled. And are very flexible when I need to reschedule for another day for some reason. The best part is they are friendly with my dog.
I was embarrassed to get my house cleaned as I am used to doing it myself. But my health issues were keeping me from cleaning. These ladies came in and blitzed it. They really worked hard and did a great job! They cleaned things I didn't even know. could be cleaned. And now my house is restored and it is a great feeling Now I can focus on my health and.getting better.
The Cleaning Authority did an excellent job. I would recommend them!
From day one everyone has been professional and efficient! The teams work quickly and do an wonderful job and they are incredibly accommodating. The make it so easy to have a clean home!
They completed the initial cleaning and did an amazing job! I am OCD myself when it comes to cleaning so coming from me means a lot. I can wait for them to return next week.
I had my first clean and found the cleaning was very thorough. Important areas were covered. I look forward to second initial clean.
It was nice to come home to a clean house! The water line marks in the toilets are even gone- wow! Thank you
They did a superb job today!! I love it when you guys come because the house ALWAYS looks so much better, but with three kids, that doesn't last too long! Anyway, thank you so much!
As far as I'm concerned, Gary & Laurel and Company (is) the Fairy Godmother that I've yearned for ever since we opened our store. We are at our business, 6 days a week, and it makes getting our domestic duties done, very difficult. We had company this past week-end, and needed some extra help. The Cleaning Authority to the rescue!! Having them on a regular basis is now at the top of my WISH LIST!!! Thanks so much to you both ~ and to the team, too. What a wonderful BLESSING!!!
You must really treat your employees right-- not only did they do a fabulous job cleaning my house, they were so courteous and friendly while they were doing it! I could hear them occasionally singing softly or humming-- knowing how I feel about cleaning (UGH!), I was surprised to see such job satisfaction. Thanks a million, my house is lovely!
Thanks so much for today's cleaning! It was just the lift I needed. Your staff did a nice job and they were very pleasant. You guys are spoiling me! Thanks again, you made my day!
My team did such a nice job yesterday. I was delighted to see how clean even my laundry room was! I almost didn't know where I was when I stepped in there this morning. Thanks!!
You certainly offer a great service and the lovely ladies who come to the house to clean are delightful.
Congratulations on the Mark of Excellence recognition. Your people are doing a great job cleaning our home.
You guys always do wonderful work!
I just wanted to let you know what a great job the team did this morning. When they left everything was sparkling and smelling delightful. They worked really hard and their efforts most definitely show.
Your staff provides a great service to me and my family. Your organization takes a lot of house work off my plate, thank you so much.
Just a note to tell you that your team continues to do excellent work. I am very satisfied. Please commend them for me. Thanks!
I just wanted to let you know how excited I was when I got home last night. The team did a wonderful job ... they certainly worked hard!
The women did a great job - my house hasn't been this clean in years. Can't wait for the second in-depth cleaning next week.
I am a VERY happy woman! I never realized how much stress I had trying to clean my own home, when physically I just could not do it. My house looks great - and I didn't have to wear myself out. THANK YOU!
I love it! I love it! Thank you so much for the work you do.
The team did a fantastic job today! First of all they are courteous and sweet. It's been a long time since I have seen anyone work that hard. Our house will now look as nice and clean as our neighbors! I am so glad they referred us to you.
I just wanted to let you know that the team that came yesterday afternoon did a fabulous job. I was very pleased with the work they did. Please give them my compliments and thanks.
Wow! The Cleaning Authority rocks!!!! If you are looking for a friendly, thorough cleaning of your house -- they are the ones to call, 301-352-7854. My house is gorgeous! Thanks so much Laurel & Gary!
I would rather give up my hair appointment than miss a clean with my Cleaning Authority!
I want to thank you for our clean home--you do a great job--please thank your team, too!