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Great cleaning company! We have been using them for a year. Very pleased with their staff.
We have had several cleaning companies over many years. Cleaning Authority is one of the best with a staff that is more than accommodating, professional, and personable. Highly recommend.
Great job.
Great job ladies. Thank you for my clean and shiny house.
Really impressed with the first cleaning
A 5 star operation! This company was great! Love their work. I will recommend them to everyone I know!
I have tried private housekeeping people and another company. The Cleaning Authority is the first company to consistently clean without leaving things in the wrong place and do a thorough cleaning job every time! When they leave they give me a paper showing what area was focused on and thanking me for having them. They are polite and thorough and consistently hard-working!
They always arrive when they say they will, they do exactly what they say they're going to do, and they are very understanding of our needs in the house. For example, I work from home, and they will clean my home office first to minimize the disruption in my work day. I've never had any issues with poor cleaning or anything like that. Great company!
I can count on a very good cleaning each time.
Team 19 arrived on time and went to work They did an outstanding job My wife and I are very happy with the house cleaning When the supervisor stopped by it was a pleasant surprise. Team did a detailed clean of the rooms listed on the "A clean" AGAIN GREAT JOB Keep up the quality clean We Love The Cleaning Authority !!!!
Just wanted to let you all know that I was very pleased with the job done by your Team 4 (Camila & Amanda) Please keep in mind that on future dates I would like a morning time for your services
Thanks so much. The house looks and feels great. They worked hard. Christina Blocksom
Good evening, I would like to send you and email to say thank you and to let you know how much we appreciate our cleaning team (Team #20). We had our first cleaning today and are so happy with everything. Thank you again!! Alex
First, I wanted to let you know the team did an exceptional job yesterday! The house seemed especially dirty with all the pollen and dust and everything was done to perfection. I really like this team! Dawn Febo
Hi. Please tell Team 18 (Vicki and Diana) thank you for helping me today!! They saw a snake in my basement and helped get it out of the house. Very brave! :) Lisa Steele
Dear Rocio, We had The Cleaning Authority clean our house in mid-April, I think it was April 13. I really appreciated the good job! It was amazing to come home to such great work, especially the shower in the master bath which looked better than it ever has. It may seem like a small thing to your crew, who clean every day, but it was a major support to our family, as we’ve been putting in too many hours at work to keep the house in good order. I cannot thank your staff enough for how happy I felt when I came home that day.
Thank you for the cleaning services yesterday. The girls seemed professional and did a good job. Thank you, Tina Dragan
Hi! We wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Team #12 , Silda and Hilda Your teams are always very pleasant, but they did a good job of cleaning including getting the pink mold off of the shower head water which not one of your teams to this date has done! Thank you.. Louise Ritz
Rocio! I need to thank my girls, my home is as clean as the first time you came into my home. I would work THREE jobs to have your services, thank you and God bless. Peggy
Rocio, I just want to thank Melca for telling me she smelled gas at my front door. The Gas Company is here now and they are replacing my gas meter. It was leaking, and Melca warned us. She did us a very good service today and I want you to know what a good thing she did to alert us to the gas smell. Thank you very much. And please thank Melca again for alerting us to the gas leak. Sincerely, Betsy Rutherford
If I could take a minute - I know it has been like a week since the team was at my house, but the team that was there on Wednesday, February 11th was the most wonderful, nice, and thorough team that has ever been to our home. Please extend our compliments and thanks. Amy
I just wanted to let you know that the crew that has cleaned my house the last couple times is really doing an outstanding job!
Hi Rocio, I want to commend the team #2 of Melca and Haydee for a wonderful cleaning job they did today. They were very diligent and did not cut corners the whole time. I'd love to keep Melca and Haydee to clean my homif possible.Thank you for wonderful TCAchantilly cleaning crews. I have had many great experiences with your cleaning crew so far. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! God Bless! Anne
Rocio, Thanks again for switching my cleaning time this morning. I wanted to let you know that i was extremely pleased with the team that did our cleaning today. I didn't get a summary sheet which isn't a big deal except that I can't tell you which team it was but figure you will know. I'm sure you always hear about the problems but as someone who works in a service industry myself, it is nice to hear when you are doing an exceptional job. Have a great day! Thanks again, Beth Sibert
The team did a great job. I hope that team 16 can always be my assigned team. They did a fantastic job and did the little things that made thier service special. Thank you William Baird 15445 Painters Cove Way Haymarket VA
Hi, Just thought that I would let you know that Guadelupe and Maria did an excellent job today. The house looked better than it ever has before. I just wanted to let them and you know that they are a great team.
I wanted to say that Team #13 did an excellent job!! My husband came home and said he has not seen the house this clean since we moved in! My goal is to get Team#13 every time I can get them, before my husband stops our service. Thank you! Joan Martin
Thank you, Rocio, for including me in your cleaning line up today....the team did an excellent job! I really appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to fit us in on a different day this week. You are always so cooperative and pleasant, and we appreciate the fine work your teams do....have a good week and thanks again! Pam
Thank you! I just wanted to let you know that these ladies do a fantastic job every time they come to our house. I noticed our team had a new member too ;) Thanks again for a job well done!
Good morning, Just a note to say Hilda and Dalia (team 12) did a FANTASTIC job in my home yesterday. Everything was just lovely. Please thank them for me.
Hi Ron, I was impressed with the thorough cleaning we received today. They caught everything that I would inspect and did a great job. I was especially pleased when the cleaning inspector came, walked the house with me, then completed her own inspection and gave the team feedback on areas to revisit. I saw her pick up some cleaning cloths and wipe areas herself to help! This was a great start. Thanks again, Kim Parsons
Hi, I am responding to your requet for feedback on the cleaning your teams have done twice in our new home, and new agreement with your company. We are very pleased and sincerely appreciate all you are doing on our behalf. The cleaning has been extra thorough, and the place sparkles. Thank you for the friendliness of the team, their attitude, that comes, we are sure, from a good working environment. The master bathroom, the floors, the kitchen - all areas that we most notice have been excellent. Thank you very much for your interet and commitment to excellence.
Just wanted to say, that in addition to making it thru the snow drifts around my house, doing their usual fine job of making my mess look like a house, the fine ladies of Team #2 (Guadalupe, Hilda and Dalia) helped the FedEx delivery man bring in my new Venetian blinds which were being delivered. With luck, they will be up when the ladies return. (But I'm sure if asked, they would do a fine job of putting them up!!!) Just wanted to pass on my thanks and GREAT JOB! Charlie Breiterman
Once again, thanks for your flexibility and having the team add additional rooms to their already busy schedule. I'd like to take the opportunity now to thank you and The Cleaning Authority for providing exceptional service throughout the year. The team is always professional and do a great job. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Jan
Rocio- Your two employees (Rosa and her coworker) did a wonderful job for us on Saturday - best we ever had. Can I request them for each visit? I rewarded them both but I would also ask you and Ron to give them both a commendation. Thank you again! Joe
Thank you. I planned to call after today's cleaning. This team today was exceptional! I'm wowed by every detail around the house. I know team #1 usually cleans and does a good job, and I welcome team #4 anytime they are available on Wednesday mornings! :) Alison Shields
Those ladies are awesome! In the initial clean of the master bathroom, they cleaned the grout in the shower so well that we are no longer planning to re-grout! Amazing! Thanks, again to the ladies! I’m so happy my friend told me about TCA! Chris
Mr. Goings, your operations manager, Rocio Reyes is unbelievable! Absolutely the most helpful and quick to respond to any schedule changes/conflicts I have had over the years. A complete pleasure to deal with!! And your cleaning crews have been wonderful as well! If you ever need references for new customers, please feel free to have them contact me.
Thank you for the wonderful job your teams always do cleaning our house. I'm very very picky and have always been so pleased with their work. I get so many complements, too!
Thanks for responding so quickly, which is greatly appreciated particularly since my 87 yr old mother (who lives with us) is recuperating from breaking a bone in her leg. As in the past the girls accommodate my mom when home with her is another plus of having Cleaning Authority as my cleaning service.
I would just like to say how wonderful the house looked when I got home yesterday! I can't believe your crew even tackled my sons room but WOW! I am very pleased with the results and thank-you for your service!
The house looked great! I never would have done this myself. Please express my thanks to Adriana and Yenny.
I wanted to let you know that Violeta and Vicky did a great job on Monday. Thanks for your help.
I just wanted to drop you a short note. We had our home cleaned (first visit) this afternoon. In inspecting our rooms, I am very pleased with the excellent cleaning that Maria and Julia did. Everything was cleaned, sparkled, the wood floors shined, etc. Please express our appreciation to Maria and Julia. Thank you!
I would like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of Azucena and Adriana. These two wonderful ladies have been helping me keep my house clean for several years now and I adore them. (In fact, I think I was one of your first customers.) They are professional, extremely hard working and put up with the mayhem they encounter in my kid's rooms plus three dogs and a cat.
I just want to send a thank you for the great job the team did on my house this week. I noticed the extra care taken on the prime areas. By the way, a few months ago, the team cleaned a spaghetti stain that I forgot to thank them for, too! See you all soon!
Thank you! Please tell Team 13 that I am very happy with their work. I would love to have this team whenever possible. Ericka and Guadolupe have cleaned my home before. Blanca was with them on Monday. They are friendly, hardworking and clean my home well. Thanks!
Thanks for your kind patience with regards to my house cleaning. The ladies did an excellent job today: My home smelled and looked clean. The floors were visibly shiny and the entire house smelled fresh and clean. Please express my appreciation to them for a job well-done.