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Today was my first clean (initial clean A) and I couldn't be happier - Jamie and Jeanette did a great job, as well as the third lady (I didn't get her name) who arrived to check on them and ended up staying to help.
The girls come in on time and sometimes a few minutes early, get right to work and don't stop the whole time they are here. They are all very pleasant and do a great job. They are able to work around all of my husband's collectibles with no problem. We did use another cleaning company before TCA and never knew what time they were coming and once one time they never came. They often only sent one girl to do it all alone, stay on schedule and we found many areas not done because of this and were not happy. TCA ALWAYS sends two girls and occasionally an inspector "drops in" to check their work. I am very happy with TCA.
Just want you to know that the ladies do a great job and deserve a pat on the back for all their hard work. You have a great organization.
We just had our first experience with The Cleaning Authority today. The house is so clean and shiny! Thank you kindly to Eunice and Mailene for doing such a great job, and to Maria Medina for the Quality Inspection!
We couldn't be happier with the ladies of The Cleaning Authority. Thank you.
One of the best choices we ever made was going with you. The few times I have called the response was amazing!
Especially delighted at the detailed attention of 2 1/2 bathrooms. Sparkling bathtub/shower, washing of bathroom floors, not missing corners or behind toilets; leather furniture wiped down to remove spots, vacuuming other furniture and polishing all wooden floors to a shine! Thank you!
I am very pleased with the cleaning of my house especially the clean, shiny floors, vacuumed furniture and rugs, and detailed attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. Thanks!
I just wanted to let you know that, of all the service companies I use - from landscaping to utilities to home repairs - I have absolutely found your company to have the highest level of customer service. You always reply to my requests in a very timely and professional manner, and the cleaning crews always do a fantastic job. I always recommend your services to anyone I can.
Love my team, Ana & Nery, they are the best, though I don't tell them often, but am truly grateful for all they do to keep my house looking and feeling great. Thanks for your dedication and amazing job!
Ladies are on time and pleasant (even at that hour of the morning!) They're even nice to our dog. Love coming home to a clean house. Point out something once and never have to again. Working with The Cleaning Authority has been effortless.
Peter, Many thanks to you and your team. They did a fantastic job on the condo! I plan to be in touch after Christmas to sign up for regular cleanings at 2 week intervals.
I have always been pleased with the services of The Cleaning Authority ladies. Regardless of the team, they are always thorough- no complaints!
Overall great job! Very detail oriented.
They made two beds for our departing guests so cheerfully├╣thanks!
Very good job.
Very happy! Tile is great!
Friendly and helpful!
I'm happy with their work.
Great job, thank you!
Great work. Thank you!
Peter, This is (acct. # 772559). I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that we are very pleased with your company's services. The ladies who have been cleaning our home are always very professional and proficient. They are friendly and kind. We have come to trust that when we come home every other Monday night our house will be clean and neat. Please know that your company and the ladies you employ make a large difference in our family's life and provide me a great sense of comfort that my house is in order and allow me more time to spend with family. Thank you and have a great day.