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The ladies take care of my house; and so I've been told, throw balls for the kitten to chase. I work many hours and travel frequently, I need to know that my home is well maintained even if I can't do it.
Only had the initial cleaning performed, but I was totally impressed the cleanliness of my home. I wish I could use the same crew all the time. They were marvelous. I only hope the next cleaning is the same.
Please tell Rich that I truly love Maria and Liliana did a terrific job on my kitchen today!
Veassea and Veronica are a great team! They are thorough, efficient, very detailed and I really appreciate that. They are also careful with our belongings, which I also really appreciate. I just enjoyed them being here. The house looks wonderful. I meant to clean up where the grits boiled over and I did clean up most of it. But Veronica scrub shined what I missed on the cook top. It looked like new. Veassea did a wonderful job of cleaning everything! The dusting, the wiping down, the floors, all of it. I hope Veassea and Veronica will be coming again in 2 weeks. Just wanted you to know. You’ve got a great team there.
The girls did a FANTASTIC job!
All I can say is WOW! My house looks great. Please express my thanks to Maria and Regla.
Thanks! Rebecca and latisha did an amazing job today, please pass along!
Thank you for all you do! Veassea and Latisha did a stellar cleaning last week, as always. Veassea always knows how I like things. She's terrific!
I wanted to send you one more note about Rebecca & Latisha. I asked them to clean scuff off the risers on our staircase. As always they agreed to help with that and did a great job. I really appreciate their positive energy and attitudes when the come to work. They are a pleasure to have around and they do an excellent job each week!
Sandra and Maria have come and went to our home this morning. What wonderful people. Please send them into my home as regulars as their warmth, warms my heart! They did a great job, my floors are gleaming and I can tell they are hard workers. By the way, you should reward them as they think Mr. Rich is the best! So, I will be looking forward to their return in March, thank Rich, I think this will be a good thing!! Have a great day.
Rich, just wanted you to know that Ana and Karla continue to do an excellent job of cleaning my house. They are very courteous and friendly. And they both have a great attitude! Please let them know how happy I am with their work.
Just wanted to pay a special compliment to these ladies. My 18 year old daughter is leaving for Argentina for 2 months tomorrow and she left her room a complete mess this morning. When we returned home these ladies had picked everything up and organized it, even though I know that is not a part of their job description. We REALLY appreciate the kindness and help from them!! Thank you!!
Mr. Showers, I have been very pleased with the cleaning that I have received since I began using The Cleaning Authority. Monday, June 7, 2010 my house was cleaned by Terry and Veassea. These young ladies conducted themselves very professionally and did a superb job. I am extremely pleased with their service and hope that their schedule will allow them to return.
The girls did a great job again today!! Thanks.
The Cleaning Authority cleaned my house last week for the first time. I've had other cleaning services in the past and these guys went above and beyond what I'm used to. They didn't complain about additional requests and genuinely want you to be happy as the customer. I was impressed with the service. Everything was spotless and they do what they say they will, no skimping. When they say they wipe baseboards, they really do it. I highly recommend them!
Thanks so much for the great job cleaning our house. Even Tony said the house feels really clean and they did a great job. And that is saying a lot. I told him that the cleaners did the baseboards and used lots of rags and he said he didn't thing they had been touched sinced we moved in 1 1/2 years ago. It means so much to have my kitchen and bathrooms so clean and sparkly. The girls that came to our house were so professional and they did a great job. I would recommend The Cleaning Authority to anyone that asked.