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The team of people who come to my home do a wonderful job. Everyone is so professional and helpful. I would recommend This Cleaning Authority to anyone!
I just hired The Cleaning Authority and they did their first cleaning last week. Amazing job!!! If all the future cleanings are this good, it just confirms that it was a good decision!!
I have never had my house professionally cleaned. And for the most part I feel like I do a pretty good job on my own, but this last year I have fallen behind in all of my deep cleaning (baseboard, blinds, fans, etc.) so I decided to give The Cleaning Authority a shot. I have only had one clean so far, but I was extremely happy. My blinds have not been this clean since we moved in and I loved the way they cleaned my tile... there were no streaks and it did not feel like there was product residue left. I also loved the way they cleaned my bathrooms. They were spotless and it was so nice to not be the one who had to clean it!! Haha!! All in all Carlos and Tina did a fantastic job and I was very pleased with The Cleaning Authority!! Can't wait till next month!!
They get a five star in my book, they do a excellent job and always reliable.
Outstanding professionalism, thorough with attention to detail, and considerate of my things. I work from home on the day they service my home and I am on the phone a lot. when making or receiving calls, they made sure to keep the "back ground" noise to a minimum, very considerate. Thank you for a job well done
Your staff is professional & am glad I hired you to clean my home. Great work. Your staff is detail-oriented! Thank you for such good work!
We are impressed and are happy to have hired The Cleaning Authority. It's so wonderful to come home to clean house! We are on a 4 week rotation and find that the staff if quite pleasurable to work with and very detailed oriented. Thank you and I'm looking forward to continuing the service.
At 36 weeks pregnant, I had finally come to terms with that fact that I wasn't able to keep up with the cleaning around my home and decided to enlist some professional help. From the moment I had someone come in to asses our home, i knew this service stood out from everyone else I had met. The cleaners were in a week later and I came home stunned. The work done was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. They were professional, communicated with me about pets, alarms, and asked if there was any specific needs I had. I look forward to an ongoing relationship. I can't stress enough how much stress you've taken off my plate in the last few weeks. THANK YOU!!!
When I came home from work to a perfectly clean house I was impressed with the couch in my living room especially! It looked like it had just been delivered brand spanking new!
Fantastic Clean! Our house needed it in the worst way, and these ladies crushed it! It was lovely to come home to such a sparkling clean home. I will definitely continue with this service.
Always do a great job and everyone is nice and professional.
This is an excellent company! The cleaning crew is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and they do terrific work! They perform total detailed cleaning and the outcome is the best! I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a great cleaning experience!
So reliable and consistent! I enjoy my weekends now that I don't have to clean my house. I'm so happy with my decision to have The Cleaning Authority clean my house for me!
The company was caring and thorough.
Our cleaning crew is always on time and has always done an amazing job!! We have recommended The Cleaning Authority for years to our friends. Keep up the great work!!
My family used this cleaning service for first time last week. I am going to have bi-weekly cleaning, and I am now looking forward to these days. I have always cleaned my own home and now I can see I was being selfish to me and my family. By not having someone else do the work for a reasonable amount and let me have more time for other things. The work that was done was excellent and oh so clean and shinny! I had Kim and Arthur and was very pleased with there professionalism and the job they did. Anyone who is looking for a great cleaning company should try The Cleaning Authority. Thank you for everything!
The girls always work very hard and do a great job! I have gone through many companies in the past that just didn't cut it. I will never clean my own house again!
Great experience - Great Employees (especially Ralph) - Great customer service - Great owners!!
I love The Cleaning Authority. They've been cleaning my house bi-weekly since 2006, and I am always happy with their work. Ralph and Stefanie are the best!
Thank you Cleaning Authority for being reliable and efficiently cleaning our home. Knowing you use earth friendly products is a bonus. And sending us such nice professionals makes it all the better.
I have been using the Cleaning Authority for a couple of months now. So far, I have been very happy with my service. The team that comes in is always the same so I know who to expect. They always arrive on time and are finished in a timely manner. They are very professional and respect my home. They do a fantastic cleaning job! Very thorough. I would highly recommend the Cleaning Authority.