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I love the team that comes to my house every week. They are kind, friendly, and efficient! I cannot tell my friends fast enough that they need to sign up with The Cleaning Authority.
Kim and Jessica are both very good and do a great job in our home. They are very friendly and considerate.
I was very pleased with all of the cleaning done. I've only had one clean, but no complaints here! I love the idea of the cleaning rotation where they deep clean one part of the house each time. I got a quote from another company and this company is much more reasonably priced and much more professional.
The crew worked diligently, professionally and thoroughly. Was very impressed as a first time customer.
Everything has been wonderful! They are very affordable, very quick, and get every detail of the house! Excellent work!
I would suggest services to anyone.
They came to my home and made it shine. They allow me to designate the cleaners that I want used in the home. They were on time and dependable. I would recommend this to anyone who want to free up their own personal time to focus on other more important things in their life. The cleaning authority is giving me more time to spend with my children. Thanks Cleaning Authority!
The crew showed up loaded with cleaning equipment. They started at the top attacking cobwebs and worked their way down. I was very pleased with my first cleaning.
All that was scheduled was done well. We had some concern with the crew introducing themselves to our 3 dogs. All went well without any issues. We came home to a clean house with great detail given to our (A clean) of the bathrooms and kitchen.
Dusting was much needed and the ladies did a great job with the overall cleaning!
Really seemed like a nice job! I am so happy, hope they keep it up!
The owner came and met me before any of the cleanings and was super nice. She asked me questions and got to know me and reassured me about everything! The ladies that clean do a wonderful job and are friendly. I'm super satisfied with their work and products. I have products but they bring their own stuff so it's really nice! I also feel the price is reasonable. If there is anything you want them to pay more attention to just tell them and they will be on it! Thank you so much you guys have made my life a lot easier!!!
My house was unbelievable and embarrassing. After their first visit, I was amazed. While the initial visits cost more, in my case it was needed cause 6 workers showed up on the first day to scrub away the dirt and after arriving home, it felt wonderful.
I am a newbie and am only on my second deep cleaning...The girls are great and very professional!...The house smells fresh when they leave, and that makes me very happy!!
I was very happy after my first initial visit was completed. Andrea and Jessica were very friendly and professional. We have two dogs and two cats which means lots of pet hair! After the clean, my house was pet hair free and everything looked great. I can't tell you how amazing it felt when they were finished. My preschoolers were napping and I had a 1/2 hour to have a cup of coffee and be amazed that my house was quiet, dirt free, and pet hair free! Great job and very happy customer.
Super Job!!
The cleaning staff arrived on time and ready to go for my first house cleaning appointment! The team was friendly and professional. They immediately made friends with my retriever and set out to clean. They did a great job. I had a smile on my face as I came out of my office to find the whole house clean as a whistle! Pure joy!
Always very professional and helpful in office. It's so nice to come to my entire house sparkling clean. The rotation system works great.
TCA takes stress out of my life! The team that cleans my house is great! I would highly recommend TCA if you are considering a cleaning company!
Always do a great, consistent job cleaning. Team is well trained and professional. Would highly recommend!
The girls are always friendly, they always ask questions and do a good job!
The girls had a big job on the first clean. I came home and was very pleased.
I am so grateful for the young ladies who come to my home. They are always cheerful My husband works from home so he's here when they come. The company has been extremely flexible with my schedule. I've had to cancel cleaning and they have been very kind and accepting of the changes.. they simply come in the next time and double duty for the cleaning needed. THANK you so much
You do a wonderful job of cleaning my house. The girls are always very friendly and very efficient. It is so nice to have them here.
They come in, get the job done (and done well) and leave. You get to arrive to an immaculate home without the worry of finding time to do it!
Many, many thanks for your help during the beginning of my chemotherapy infusion days. The girls came in once a month for 4 months, cleaning the house, giving me a much needed helping hand and peace of mind. I am forever grateful.
I was so happy to find The Cleaning Authority - Fenton. They do a wonderful job every time. The have the best customer service -- always pleasant and helpful. I recommend this company to everyone I know!
I want to take a moment to recommend this organization. I began working with them about a month ago and am so relieved to not spend every weekend trying to keep up with cleaning the home. I am grateful to now spend this time as quality time with our family. What a blessing. Thanks so much Cleaning Authority- Fenton!
If anyone is in need of a reliable, thorough cleaning company, please consider The Cleaning Authority! I've used them cumulatively for over 3 years now, and they are the BEST around!
I couldn't be more satisfied with the services the Cleaning Authority provides! The staff is always friendly and efficient, they do a very thorough job cleaning, even in the hard to reach places, and they use only eco-friendly cleaning products. When, on occasion, we need a scheduling change, Tina is always accommodating and provides us with an alternate cleaning date. I highly recommend The Cleaning Authority! I wouldn't go with anyone else!
The girls were amazing! We have had other cleaners in the past and your company surpassed them by 1,000%. Thank you!
We use the Cleaning Authority for bi-weekly house cleaning for our ranch condo, and we have been their customers for nearly 5 years. When we need the basement cleaned, all we have to do is call them in advance so they can switch the crews around for that extra hour or so. They are prompt and efficient, and generally we have no issue with the team members. If the team forgets to clean something, a call to Sherri resolves everything that same day. Also, the team receives an inspection from their supervisors on a regular basis. I highly recommend them!
Many, many thanks for your help during the beginning of my Chemo Therapy Infusion Days. The girls came in once a month for 4 months, cleaning the house, giving me a much needed helping hand and peace of mind. I am forever grateful.
I really appreciate the professionalism of Lisa and her crew who have been at our house for some time. She does a very nice job and would hate to lose her, as she makes sure everything is done correctly with the most care. It was a pleasure and surprise to see kelli today as I haven't seen her personally in some time. She used to be a part of the team who used to do our house almost 10 years ago!! Kelli was the reason we went back to The Cleaning Authority and she will always be welcomed back in my house. As a company owner myself, one can never have enough hardworking, professional and honest//caring people like Kelli and Lisa. Please let them know how much appreciated their efforts are. Thanks Cleaning Authority for having such great people!!!
The team did a superb job today. In the 20 years of living in my home and having other cleaning companies, I have never seen a company do as much as you do!
Team did a great job and exceeded all my expectations!
I like how there was a nice note left after the cleaning and am looking forward to a long term relationship!
So happy with the clean I wanted to cry! I am so glad I called you.
I'm so happy with how much work the ladies have been doing for us. It really is something I truly value and am grateful that we are able to do.