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Just wanted to drop you a line regarding my feedback on Mary and Amber. Mary has been coming to me now for a while and she is absolutely brilliant, her customer service and dedication to her job is first rate and I am never disappointed. Amber came to us yesterday and this was the first time that I met her. Amber was the best "other" team member I have seen, a great disposition, attention to detail and an all round pleasant girl.
I want to say how happy we are with Team 3. Krissy and Cris have not been here for a while. We were so happy to see them yesterday. Our house gets a really great “going over” . Nothing is skipped! We have not been cleaned for 4 weeks and it needed it bad! The place shines! We wish they would be assigned to us permanently! I can always count on a spotless house when they are finished. Not only do they clean our home spotless, they have a great attitude and very pleasant. If we ask them to do something extra, even if it is late in the day, they are pleasant and happy to oblige. It is great to work with a team that understands you and accommodates your request! And they do it with a smile. They work very well together! That is why they are a great team. We want them to be recognized as being a great team! Thanks for Team 3!
I wanted to let you know I absolutely love Krissy & Chris, Team 3. They do wonderful work. I feel I can trust them completely in my home. And they work very quickly. They are the best team you have ever sent here. My experience in the past with other services is the cleaners start out good and then over time the quality of work diminishes. This team seems to get better and better each month they come.
Just wanted to express my complete satisfaction with the job that Team #10, -Dawn and Valencia, did at my house yesterday.
The Cleaning Authority came to my house today. Six hours later it looked like a home again. All that work for a fraction of what it should have cost. The owner even came over to check on the job. Good company. I highly recommend them.
If you're like most businesses, I figure that most of the communication you receive from your customers would probably fall into the "complaint" category; people griping about something that wasn't done or something that wasn't up to their expectations. I thought I'd break with that "tradition" and drop you a note to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with you, your staff, and the great people that come into our home every other week. Debra and her team always do a great job for us. They're very accommodating, professional, and thorough. Our house ALWAYS looks great after Debra and her team leave and we hope she's the person who comes to our house for as long as our relationship with TCA lasts. But just as important, our house looks just as great when - for whatever reason - some other team comes to clean. For example, since we had to break our normal schedule this week, we had Team 7 (Tammy and Nicole) in to clean our home. They were great! They even did some things that I didn't expect or ask for. For example, they took a few minutes to vacuum out the window sills on any windows that were open. It's a small thing, but it made a big difference to us. And I enjoyed that fact that - since Tammy and Nicole were new to our home - Tammy took a few moments to explain exactly what they were going to do for us yesterday. It gave me the opportunity to explain things that my normal team already knows. So please know that we appreciate everything you and your folks do for us. It's comforting having "Ms. Debra" in every two weeks because she knows our home and knows exactly how we like things done and she always does it with a great attitude. But also know that we appreciate the fact that we know we'll get great service from people like Tammy and Nicole on those occasions when our normal staff can't be with us. I hope you'll pass our thanks and good wishes along to your entire team.
I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Team 2 did an awesome job on my house last week. I was really pleased with their work. Our house is on the market, and we had a showing that same day, and the potential buyer's real estate agent even commented that the house was very clean.