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Team #4 are both so kind and pleasant and they put up with all of us in and out of the house constantly! They always have smiles and they never look tired or grumpy. (I think I look grumpy when I clean!) I keep walking through the house looking at how it sparkles and shines. Thank you for changing my life!!
I was thinking about Kara and Jessie today because we just got more hardwood and new carpet and I had a dusty mess to clean up. They know how much I HATE to clean but I couldn't ignore it. As I was taking out my Hoover vac that they suggested (and it is the single best thing for dust and crumbs on hardwood!) I buy I realized I hadn't given feedback in forever. This is because they are the BEST! I have made small requests over the years as things come up but more due to personal preference than anything they missed, etc. I recently considered getting bids for other cleaners just to save a little money...and decided that their attention to detail, dependability and value to my family is worth much more than saving a few bucks. My husband (the clean freak) strongly suggested that no change was needed...they will get a kick out of that. They are as loved around here as my little dog, maybe more by some, and I hope they work with you for many years to come. I'd hate to break in a new team! Extra love for spending a minute loving on my dog when they get here and when they leave and for making sure she is let out to pee if I'm not around. Seriously...thank you for putting up with me, my dirty boys and my little dog.
Thank you for always doing a great job.
Thank you for all you do! The tub looks great and I know that isn't easy. We appreciate your hard work and detail!!
Team 1 is like part of our family! For several years now, the night before they come we have a "Clean up because the ladies are coming tomorrow" event. Honestly, we do! We tidy up, and then the next day when we all come home, we see their magic.... They make a working mother's life so much easier -- don't know what I'd do without Team 1!!! Thank you for letting them clean our house!
The girls are here and doing a fantastic job as always.
I love my team & am very happy with the service! The best news is that my husband loves the service. After each visit he notices all the little things like crevacing the carpet. With me being disabled, your girls work a miracle for me and save my husband headaches of trying to keep the house.
Thanks for another awesome job. We love your hard work and extra attention to our shower doors. I love how clean and fresh my house looks when I come home.
Customer called to advise that Team 1 Kara and Jess are doing a great job, they are sooooo attentive to her request and have been with her long enough to know her likes and dislikes.
What an amazing job!! My house is sparkling!! Thanks for your attention to detail & your professionalism. From my 1st phone call for a quote, to meeting with Bryan, to the cleaners who came out to clean, you run a 1st rate operation!! I am thrilled to have my weekends to enjoy again!!
I love the team and they are doing a fantastic job!!
I’m sad to move because you guys have been wonderful! I always tell people about your service! Thanks!
Love my team!
I was not home during the cleaning yesterday. But when I walked in the door, it was obvious that Becky and Jean had been here. Thank you for sending them to my house!
House looked great last time! Thank you so much, you are making my life so much easier and I really enjoy having a much cleaner home.
The cleaning team is always friendly and efficient. Kara always communicates with us and is diligent in cleaning our house. I appreciate her being assigned to our house.
Kelly and Megan do a great job!
Please thank Michelle & Liz for the great cleaning they did for me today & always!
The girls do a really good job and work very hard.
I appreciate the great cleaning from Team #4 July 15th. It was wonderful to come home to.
What an amazing job the cleaners having been doing-thanks!
I must say they were a god send the two days they were here last week!
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Team #7 has been doing a very good job. I have no complaints:)
Kara and Jess have become part of our family. They are as efficient and their quality is impeccable. I don't know what I would do without them.
Michele and whoever she works with that week have been doing a fine job for us (this week it was Liz). Michele is very conscientious in making sure we are happy with the cleaning. It is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for all your hard work and tremendous help! It is greatly appreciated.
I must tell you that the crew that cleaned my house last Wednesday was phenomenal. I can't tell you how pleased I was. I am requesting this crew be given my house as a permanent assignment.
Just wanted to give some positive feedback on Meghan and Kelly, the girls who clean our house. They are always prompt, respectful, friendly and thoughtful. I thought Dan would be hard to replace but the girls are doing a really great job. I'm really impressed with their work and their attention to detail. Keep up the good work!
The cleanings have been looking great! Thanks.
The two ladies, Becky and Briana, from team 8 did a great job!
The girls are very precise and very good!
Team #7 Diane and Tiff were wonderful! I was so impressed with the job they did. Also, when I need to call the office, Michele is always accommodating. If you have a reward system it should be given to them. Thanks so much Ladies!!!
Kara and Jessie have cleaned my home for over a year. These ladies are a blessing. I don't have to worry about the quality of the clean. They know what to do and don't need a lot of direction to get the job done. Great job Ladies!
I just wanted to personally thank your great staff for doing a wonderful job with us over the last 2 months. Originally, we were only going to use this service while I was down for surgery/ recovery. Next week I return to work. However, instead of cancelling this service, we would like to continue thanks to your great staff!
Team #5, Michelle and Liz have repeatedly done an exceptional job every week. They are very nice and seem to have a committed desire to do their best. This fits in with what makes us very satisfied with them and the job they do.
Thank you for a job well done. Much appreciated.
Great job!!
Diane and Ashley have done spectacular work.
We're really happy with what you do.
The team did a really nice job. I want to stay on their team.
You are doing a fantastic job!
The house looks fantastic!
Our team did a really great job yesterday! Thank you, all!
Things look great. My wife loves this team & we want to be on their schedule permanently.
The girls did an amazing job and can’t thank them enough.
I love the girls and they do a nice job.
We appreciate coming to a clean house even though we don't get out there as much this summer due to all the issues w/Buckeye Lake & THANKS for all you do.
Team #7 did a good job, they always do!!
I was out of town for 2 days and it was great to come home to a clean house. Thanks Team 4!!
Thanks for the great service your “girls” give me.
Thank you very much for the excellent cleans. I really appreciate it.
I want to compliment the team on how good of a job they do and are always accommodating.
Customer called in and said the girls did a nice job!
I want to thank Team 1, Kara, Jessie, and Ashley for doing a great job today! My house looks wonderful. I really appreciate their attention to detail. Thanks!!!
Customer called the office to let them know how happy she was with her service today. The team paid close attention to the detail and made the home look amazing.
Oh my! Love coming home every other Thursday to such a beautifully clean house! I know our place is not the easiest home to clean because my husband tends to be a sort of pack rat! I am always comfortable with my Team from Cleaning Authority cleaning around his "collections." Our home looks and feels fresh and clean on a regular basis. I thought both of our bathrooms were especially "sparkly" on Thursday, with this clean. I am looking forward to my next clean Kara and Bri, Thank you!!!!
I just want to give a "shout out" to Meagen and Kayla K. - they do a great job and I appreciate it.
Thank you so much for yesterday’s clean! Team 8 did an especially nice job!
The girls were here on Wednesday. They did an absolutely fantastic job. They are always so efficient and professional.
So I wanted to pass along that Tif and Cara also did a great job… but I also had to say I LOVED the extra touch of the folded towels on my oven today. Seems silly, but that really stuck out today and was a really nice touch. Please tell her thank you.
Thank you for making my bed so comfy the first time you came. I loved how you fluffed my pillow and how you made my bed so nice and comfy. You are the best! Thank you! PS. my bed looked like it was made by professionals!
I wanted to say your staff did an amazing job cleaning (team #1). Our house looked great today.
Kudos to Team #7: Diane, Jessica & Taylor for an outstanding job cleaning my house last Thursday.
Team 6 did an outstanding job today. This is the team we want every time. They are true reflection of your organization. Great job Ladies!!! Thank you.
Team #7 did an awesome job again today. Diane and Danielle always do great work. The house is so clean and smells very clean!
I have Team 8 - Becky and Jean...They are wonderful and I really have enjoyed getting to know them. Hard working women!
I did have my first cleaning and I cannot say enough about how wonderful the girls were. My house looks great. Thanks Liz & Nish.
Team 5 went above and beyond, it’s the little things that were accomplished as well. Loves this team!
We left before they were finished and came home to a gloriously clean house! Thank you for hiring such conscientious workers!
Kayla, Taylor and Meagan did a very nice job cleaning my home last week. I really appreciate the care they take with my belongings. My house looked wonderful when I returned from work.
The team did an amazing job on today’s clean. I would like this team permanently (team #4)!
Please thank Michelle & Liz for the great cleaning for me!
Another fabulous clean today. Thank you so much. It is so appreciated coming home to a clean house!
Team 10 do an excellent job in our home. I trust them in our home as well, I am very satisfied with their level of cleaning. They are always responsive to any additional note that I leave. Plus they are friendly and professional. Of course you know I am very committed to Dan and have come to appreciate Kelly, who recently started to work with Dan. Great job!
We love your business and the service has always been excellent! Everyone is very friendly and professional.
Team 6 did a wonderful job. I would like them to be their permanent team.
Team 6 with Tiff and Wish did an excellent job today giving my kitchen extra attention while the training was in progress.
I am very pleased with how the cleaning has been done, great work team #2.
I appreciates the team and the work that they do. They did a great job the other day. guys are amazing. I am beyond thrilled with the work you guys do.
Just wanted to send a quick message to let you know that the lovely ladies who have been cleaning our home recently, Team 5 Suzy & Kali, have been doing a fantastic job! We have used The Cleaning Authority off and on, both at the Newark location as well as the location closer to Columbus, for several years, and the current team has, by far, done the most thorough and impressive job to date. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!
I very much appreciate the hard work both of you do. I know it is often a thankless job that's never ending~please know that I very much appreciate you.
Another great job by Team 1 today, Kara & Jessie! You girls rock, thank you!
Thanks for helping me keep my bi-weekly service, I appreciate you being flexible & working with me. Also, my team does a great job!!
Thank you! I forgot to write and say that your crew did a nice job last week. I also appreciate that they are cheerful and friendly.
I like how I can supply special cleaners and the team will use them as directed (stainless steel fridge). Team 6 consistently does a fantastic job and Rhonda is both understanding and responsive (usually immediately!). Thank you!
I am very pleased with the team#2, Caitey & Kerri. They are like 2 little dirt devils! And, are always very pleasant. I would like to remain on their schedule when I return from vacation.
Kayla is always very thorough. I know she can have different people with her, but everything is consistently done well. She takes time to communicate everything with me in her notes.
Team #7, Ami and Angie, are wonderful! They did an excellent job yesterday on our home. They even scrubbed extra on our master bath shower floor. Just wanted you to know you have two awesome ladies. Thank you!
The team did a great job. No matter who you have sent, all the girls have been doing wonderful!
I want you to know how pleased I was with work the team did. The girls are outstanding!!
Kayla K and Michelle did a fabulous job on our recent cleaning and are always very courteous. Thank you!
Kayla K and Michelle have been cleaning my home for several months now. Each time I come home after they clean, my home is just perfect. They always take great care with my home and belongings. They always leave me a note regarding the services they provide. I am completely satisfied with their work. Because of them, I have recommended your service to all my friends. Thank you and thank Kayla K and Michelle so much!
Customer raved about the team and said they always do a fantastic job. She also said how much she appreciates them.
Thank you for the extra work you are putting into our shower floor. It looked a lot better after you cleaned it least time. The whole house looked wonderful. I love coming home from work on the Wednesdays that you are here.
I would like to take a moment to thank you for the great service we receive from your company and specifically Team 5 Suzi and Kali. They follow through on anything I ask and leave notes which let me know how things are going. They are very pleasant.
Customer called in and said what a wonderful job the team does cleaning her house. Really loves you girls.
I am so pleased with the cleaning that was done today. What a wonderful pleasure to have a clean, fresh-smelling house!
So far, we are thrilled with the service. We had a baby on Sunday, and everyone worked with my mother to have house clean for our return from the hospital.
Thank you again for all that you do for our family, you girls are always a joy to see and talk to. You do a great job and always go the extra mile. It means a lot and is greatly appreciated. Were grateful for you.
Our first detail clean was completed today. We love Team 8 and would prefer if possible that Becky, Carrie, and Saundi be our regular cleaners. They did a great job. Again, thanks for cleaning our home and we look forward to the next visit!
Tif and Allicia were super today--very thorough and alert to my needs. Thank you!
Diane, Danielle and Jessica, that I really appreciate their work and care with my home! It is great to come home to a clean house. Thanks!
Loved T2, they did a GREAT job!
Nikee & Cara did a great job today! I love the little touches and just feel a sense of calmness when the house is clean! Thanks!
Team #7, Diane & Jessica did a great job! They were professional when they introduced themselves and attentive to our needs.
Team #4-Amber and Mindy. I am so happy with the level of consistency and professionalism this team has. I've been so happy with their level of service. Please let them know how much I appreciate them. Never been happier with my cleaning service! Thank you for making the change for me!!
I just wanted to compliment the girls on a fine job yesterday! Everything was dust free and dog hair free when I returned home late yesterday! Please pass this along to Team #4.
Your girls are awesome! On rare occasions some things get missed but I point it out to them and they take care of it. Appreciate you and your company A LOT! Kudos to you and Bryan for a good cleaning service where I can depend on Quality work.
I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate the job Dan & Bobbie do at our home. The house always looks great, but today seemed to be particularly nice, especially the master bedroom/bath. I know that they have to put up with a grumpy old dog and two others who think your team is there to pet them :-) They do a very nice job for us, and we wanted to share our appreciation!
Just wanted to compliment your girls on the cleaning this morning. Linda said they did a great job and was very nice and courteous. We really appreciated it. Give them a pat on the back for us.
I came home to such a lovely home, all clean, today. And then enjoyed the Cleaning Authority video. Now....I'd like to increase your visits to our home to every two weeks.
Thanks for having such wonderful people who take such gracious and careful care of my home. I don't know what I would do without them. Heidi is extraordinary and her other team members are always great, too. I thank God that I found your service through one of my friends at church. I have been blessed beyond my expectations.
Team #10 is absolutely awesome. I love when they come to clean my home. The are extremely knowledgeable & not afraid to tackle the fine details. My house literally sparkles when they leave. Thanks team #10!!
Team 4 you did a great job. You were polite, friendly and professional. This was my first cleaning and it certainly won't be my last. Welcome to my home.
My house was SO clean when I came home from work yesterday. Thank you! The team did a great job. Now I can relax and enjoy my weekend.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the job Heather and Laura did. It would be great if they were generally the team assigned to come to the house -- Bryan indicated they are the team scheduled for June 20. They were professional, poised and did an excellent job on a house that had been too long neglected. As you both know, I've had concerns about moving forward with another cleaning company. I now have no such concerns with The Cleaning Authority and appreciate your understanding of and patience for my need to be thorough about a company that would be sending people into our home. I look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship.
We met with the owner for a walk through and estimate for cleaning services. The owner gave clear boundaries for services to be performed with reasonable pricing. He addressed our questions and concerns satisfactorily and we entered into an agreement, scheduling our first cleaning. The actual cleaning was performed on June 15. The service was PHENOMENAL. Due to a variety of health concerns I no longer have the energy to keep this huge house perfectly clean. We have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living area,dining room, kitchen, laundry area, etc. The house hasn't been cleaned thoroughly in quite some time. Cleaning Authority staff were here exactly when they said they would be -- were courteous and professional -- and far exceeded the expectations of how clean everything would be. Additionally, after the crew cleaned someone inspected their work and pointed out where spots could be improved. Again, the service far exceeded the expectation. Having used other housecleaning services in the past, there is absolutely no comparison to the Cleaning Authority. We are very much looking forward to continuing a business relationship moving forward with this company. The prices are affordable, the staff professional and the service outstanding. Finding a service like this is the reason we joined Angie's List in the first place.
The teams The Cleaning Authority send out are wonderful. we've had #1, #3 & #10! We have lived in 3 different houses while we have had their service, and ALL have been fantastic. My Mother used them prior to her passing, and my Sister uses them currently as well. They are professional, thorough & make my life easier! The attention to detail with their rotation system works so well, but with the A-La-Carte I also have the freedom to add in things anytime I want or need them done. Keep it us Cleaning Authority, you're stuck with me!!
Customer called in to say that she was thrilled that Michelle T. won National Employee of the Year because she really deserves it! Said that she has always done a great job in her home. And, of the couple of times she has expressed any concern the last 7 yrs, Michelle has addressed them immediately. She is very happy with her & TCA!
Team #8 is great. We are often home when they come to clean and they are both very friendly, courteous and professional.
Wonderful! You all make me so happy! Thank you so very much for helping me...
I wanted to send a huge thank you to team #9. My floors, furniture, kitchen and bathrooms all sparkle and shine. My home feels thoroughly clean, each of my family members made similar comments. We all greatly appreciate a job very well done.
I am very pleased with my team-especially Michelle S. And, stated that they always so a great job!
My Mom & I are both pleased with the work your teams do. Team #2 is great!
Just wanted to let you know that the team did a fantastic job yesterday. I was impressed with the care and detail they took cleaning my home. Thank you!
Team #8 is the best! It's always a pleasure to come into my home after they have cleaned.
Customer sent in a survey and raved about coming home to a clean house after a 13 hour day. Team #7 is awesome!
Customer sent in a stellar survey & said As you can plainly see, we are MORE than thrilled with The Cleaning Authority. You have taken a huge weight off of our we can come home and really spend quality time with our son. We truly appreciate all you and your teams do for our family--thank you Team #6!
Customer sent in a survey stating: Team #9 is doing a fantastic job cleaning my home every other week. I love coming home to a sparkling clean home. They seem to clean every little detail. And when I'm home when they arrive, they are polite and ask whether the baby is sleeping or not so they don't disturb him. They are very considerate of my family. I'm a very happy customer.
The team #5 always does a great job. I love coming home from work to a clean house.
Team #4 does great work. The house looked excellent as always yesterday when we returned home.
New team today (team # 3)Did a great job, even though they've never been here before. Both very friendly. Send 'em back the next time!
Team #7 does a great job, always happy with their work.
We have been clients of The Cleaning Authority for over 10 years. Even through changes of team members over the years, the cleaning staff has always been polite, professional and generally pleasant to have in my home. Office staff has always done a very good job with any of my rescheduling needs. Ten plus years says, The Cleaning Authority has it all working for them! Thank you Cleaning Authority!
I am very proud to have found The Cleaning Authority. I have spoken to many family members and co-workers and hopefully they will sign-up soon!
My team is always very thorough, and I appreciate that. They are friendly, courteous, and prompt. I also like the fact the same team comes each time, as I had requested that. Bryan and Rhonda could not be more accommodating, and they have a first-class business.
All of the teams have done a great job! I am so glad I found your company and could not be happier with the work they are doing. The house is sparkling clean and everything is where I left it when I get home. I have only had a few face-to-face meetings with the teams, but when I do see them, they are always very friendly and professional. Again, I am so glad I made the decision to have you clean our house.
Team 8, Amy and Jessica continue to do a great job cleaning our house. They are professional and thorough. They also are wonderful with our dog! Thanks Amy and Jessica-we appreciate you!
The franchise owners that I deal with have always been extremely attentive to detail, willing to assist, and always prompt when I have questions! I'd recommend them to others.
The cleaners are always on time and they do their work in an efficent manner. It's a stress relief to come home and find my home clean! On the occasions that I need to change my clean date, the office staff readily accomodates my requests. The flexibility of the Cleaning Authority means no worries and no hassles. Thank you Cleaning Authority for making my life easier!
They are very professional and give immediate reply to any questions or concerns. I would recommend them at any time. My husband and myself are well into our sixties and have always done our own cleaning. I decided to be lazy and try this and now realize I would not give it up very easily. If it was new shoes or cleaning you would win !!