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The brothers are great! I won’t need reminders, you’re now part of my life. Can I request that the brothers be my regular service team? I can’t believe how fast and thorough they are and responsive to my every request.
On a side note, team 14 just left and did a fantastic job! Whenever possible, we would like for her to be the one who cleans our home moving forward.
A quick note to compliment the team that cleaned our home yesterday. They did a fantastic job! If possible, can this team be on our standard team? The invoice left noted Maria, Katia, and Cristina. Please extend my compliments to them and let me know if they can be regulars at our home.
The team did an amazing job. Our blinds have never been cleaner and everything was great
Colleen seemed very pleased and that was very important. She commented that the crew was professional and really worked hard.
I have to take a moment to praise the cleaning team 13 again. When they were here on Friday, they cleaned places that have never been cleaned by any other team. They are the greatest. Keep them coming.
There was not one thing that I had to clean when I got home that night! Even my bed was straightened - straightening my messy, hurried bed-making with something that looked very professional and inviting - what a treat for me! Please thank them for me! (Also, there was a slight smell of lemon when I walked in the house - rarely do I smell anything, but this was lovely - not an overpowering Pledge smell, but just a bit of something to make everything smell fresh and clean.)
Team 11 is the very best! Her team is always so kind and really professional. They make my house sparkle
Thanks for the follow up email. The team was polite, thorough, efficient and awesome. It worked out very well.
Team did a great job. Was nice to come home to a clean house.
The ladies did a great job on the house!! We are very impressed by their work!
Thank you so much for taking such good care of my home. It means so much to come home from work and have everything look so beautiful. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to me. Thank you.
Just wanted to send a quick note thanking the team for their excellent service yesterday. Everything was exceptionally clean, and my son was especially pleased that they tucked his Mickey Mouse into bed. Please send them again next time if possible!
The Team Lead is super friendly and a hard worker. She also does a very good job at teaching others. I'm very happy to see her smiling face on our cleaning day!
I was very pleased with today's visit! They did a great job. Can you tell me what kind of cleaning products you use? I meant to ask you when you were here. Also, if my next "detail" clean is just as fantastic, I have a few friends that I work with who are interested in signing up.
Thanks! The team was great this time :)
I just wanted to give a commendation to the cleaners that cleaned our house yesterday. Our house was embarrassingly dirty and after they cleaned our house it is cleaner than I have seen it since we moved in. Wonderful service, and we are thrilled. Tell them thanks for us
Just following up on your voicemail yesterday. The team was still at the house last night when I got home, so I was able to meet them and chat for a bit. First, the house looked great. Nice to come home to a clean home. They really did a great job. (They must be exhausted at the end of each day!) We would like to request them for our next clean as well. They both seemed to love the pets, and that along with the great job cleaning, is very important to us. Please pass along our thanks to both of them.
Our home has never looked, smelled and felt this clean. They did a SPECTACULAR job. Above and beyond what I could have expected. Luke and I are very happy!
Thank you for being so responsive to my concern. You have been very attentive whenever I have a concern with our clean (timing, crew, or other little issues ). It really builds loyalty and trust with TCA Madison. I can say that I have recommended your service to friends & family without hesitation... not because your execution is always perfect ( nobody can live up to that standard), but because you care about getting it right and will work with the client and their home needs. This level of working hard to maintain customer relationships is a "dying art" in my experience... it really sets you and your business apart.
Just wanted to say thank you so much. The house is just a disaster so it felt so good to come home to some sense of order. We really appreciate the dusting and all they did. Even my husband noticed. It will be a tough couple of months but we are grateful to have you as part of the team.
That cleaning team was absolutely fantastic!! I just loved those gals!! Thank you for sending such a sweet group! They did such a great job and were just fantastic!
First, we want to say how happy we are with team 12. They are making us feel very comfortable having strangers in our home while we are out of the house. The letters they leave for us and the way they take care of our dogs is amazing. When something goes wrong, they share and we appreciate the care they take with our items. They even do the best they can in our teenage daughter's room - not an easy task, but they do it! I love they way they folded the corners of the toilet paper rolls, just like they do in hotels! Coming from the hospitality industry myself, that small touch means a lot to us. It lets us know that they are paying attention to the small details that make a house a home.
Today's cleaning was FANTASTIC! Those women should be trainers to the others. My house smells so fresh and clean when they are done. It is wonderful!
Best clean yet! I loved the fact everything was done by the time I brought my kids home too. Thank you very much.
In addition to be very nice people, team 7 did a wonderful job cleaning!
Just wanted to let you know that they did a great job last week, going above and beyond the call of duty.
I just wanted to let you know that the team did a great job yesterday. We were really pleased. Please thank them for us.
Our house looks WONDERFUL! The cleaners did a super job today!