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I love you guys. It took me a year to find someone who is thorough, professional and reliable. Thank you so much for being a well run, great business.
Your service and the staff that represent you are excellent, and by far the best cleaning service we have experienced since returning to Washington. I work from home so it could be awkward, but the staff are always on time and thoroughly professional. They don't waste any time and I hide out in my side office in case I get swept away in their frenzy. I can imagine it is a tough job and they probably don't get as much appreciation as they deserve. Probably most clients are at work and don't get to see how hard it is so please pass along my congratulations and appreciation... and keep up the great service.
I am a mother of 5yr old twins and am struggling with Fibromyalgia and autoimmune arthritis. It is a real struggle for me to keep up with my house and my family...I look so forward to the days that TCA is going to be at my just gives me a sigh of relief...thank you to my wonderful cleaning team!
Wow! So impressed. Our team was professional, efficient, and SO thorough! I'm really impressed as this was my first cleaning and I LOVE my house again!! Thank you TCA!! Really. Thanks!
Hi Paul and Stephanie! Your cleaning teams are amazing! I get excited on the mornings when I know that I'll return home to a clean and sparkling house. While we have had different cleaning teams come through our house, I am consistently pleased with the quality of the service. Your cleaning Auditor has also visited us on several occasions and I am impressed by the extra effort your company puts into ensuring your teams are meeting your expectations as well as mine! Thank you all for the wonderful job you do, as well as, giving me back so much free time to spend with and enjoy my family.
Paul, My house was cleaned on a one time basis yesterday by your team. I am sending this note to inform you that they did an exceptional job. I was able to inspect my home more thoroughly in the evening and was very pleased. I was extremely impressed with your immediate response to my inquiry regarding window sills and baseboards. Your Quality Inspector enthusiastically responded and he too did a great job. I appreciate your fabulous customer service and your willingness to ensure the job was done to my satisfaction. I want you to know that I am impressed and pleased with the job. You have won me over as a customer and I'd like to try the bi-weekly cleaning service. Thank you!
Hi Paul & Stephanie! My clean was fantastic! It far exceeded my expectations throughout the house. The attention to detail was fantastic throughout. I instantly noticed that the underside of each step had been vacuumed and was elated at how crisp and clean everything looked. I couldn't believe how much dog hair had disappeared from my house. I would love to have that team of ladies (Team 2) return whenever possible. I really hesitated to change cleaning companies; I had been with my previous for over three years, now I can't imagine going back. Thank you!
Dear Paul & Stephanie, I just wanted to take a moment to express my pleasure with The Cleaning Authority. Your professionalism, delightful staff, and of course the top quality of your home cleanings is a breath of fresh air for our family. We have used several cleaners over the years, and I can say without hesitation, when it comes to friendliness, cleanliness, and value, The Cleaning Authority is the best. Thanks for the great service this past year and, congratulations on your success.
I just wanted to let you know when I got home from work and opened my front door I was in total awe the house was immaculate, the crew did the most outstanding job all through the house. Spectacular was the word that comes to mind all I could keep saying with every room I entered was WOW. Kudos to the crew thank you it was a pleasure to come home to!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!