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My husband said while out to dinner Friday night, “I don’t think our house has ever been this clean.”
My home really needs help - and I read the flyer for Cleaning Authority and decided to try them out. The initial visit went well and I was slightly worried that the ladies would come, take a look, and walk out. They did not. They spent time cleaning the bathrooms, and working in the kitchen. Its all really great and makes me feel very good. Cleaning Authority will work on my home a room at a time until we/I get more stuff put away. It will then be a home to be proud of. I really thank Cleaning Authority for their steadfast persistent knowledgeable staff who work away at making things look really great.
It was amazing to come home today. My house has literally never been this clean.
Lovely ladies. They were a pleasure. I really appreciate you fitting us in and look forward to having them again.
The team did a wonderful job with every room in the house, and surprised me with a few unexpected (but much appreciated) items as well.
This was the best decision we have ever made for our family. I cannot believe how beautiful my tub looks. They do a wonderful job
We were very happy with yesterday's cleaning! I was pleasantly surprised when I wasn't able to find anything that had been missed! In fact, there's one corner of the bathroom that's difficult to reach, and I'm probably the only one who ever in looks in that area. Sure enough, the team even cleaned that yesterday! in the two years we used our previous person, she never touched that corner, so kudos to your team!
The cleaning girls took their time and make sure that everything was cleaned. I am very pleased with them!!! Highly recommend them.