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I am very happy with my team. The gals are cheerful, do a great job cleaning my home and follow The Cleaning Authority guidelines. I like that The Cleaning Authority has guidelines so no area of my home should be missed and one area gets a deep clean every four weeks. The gals are open to my comments or concerns and if anything is missed they get it on the next clean. I like that the company has rules to protect the cleaning crew as well, I like high standards.
Today my team was both efficient and professional, while maintaining a smile and a positive attitude. I appreciate their attention to detail and their attention to following the specific tasks for the day. It is so nice (as usual) not to have to follow someone around and remind them what is to be done. The ladies who have come to work at our home have been wonderful.
I so appreciate the good energy that your cleaners bring into my home. They are happy and it flows into my home. They also take their jobs seriously, taking pride in doing a thorough cleaning.
We continue to be extremely pleased with our cleaners. They ensure that an excellent job is done! My house literally sparkles when they are done!
I can't say enough wonderful things about my cleaner! She treats my home as if it were her own! I appreciate her work ethic and she's sweet as well!
I was very happy with my clean this week. The team did a wonderful job and I really appreciate their can-do attitude.
All your cleaners are organized, polite and extremely qualified.
Just wanted to pass on a tremendous compliment to your company and your ongoing attitude and great service. The cleaners that were here today were extremely great. You guys are cool.
I am very happy with my last clean. The cleaners were sweet, very thorough and went above and beyond my expectations.
Your team cleaned our house today and it looks amazing. I am hosting a houseful of people for dinner tomorrow and now all I have to worry about is the cooking.
The team that cleaned my home was wonderful. They did a thorough job and were nice and friendly.
Your cleaners did a fabulous job cleaning my home. It was a pleasure having them. They were like family.