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FIRST CLEANING!!!! We are so impressed! Thank you. This was such a great service, start to finish everything was so easy.
On May 24th I used this company for the first time and they were very good! The two ladies that did the cleaning were Kenia Cubas and Maria Ramos.... Cecelia came out to our house and inspected the ladies.... All in all it was a very nice experience... I would recommend this company to others if they are looking for a cleaning company....
I'm pregnant and needed a little help keeping our house clean. The Cleaning Authority crew went above and beyond my expectations and I couldn't be happier!
I'm really glad to have gotten information from the cleaning authority in the mail. They're a professional and efficient group of people. While everyone that has cleaned our house did a great job, Elsy and Melva just always seem to out do themselves! If you haven't called them, do it. You won't be sorry.
“We have been using The Cleaning Authority for about nine years and have been very pleased. They are very flexible with scheduling and great to work with. Soraya and Josefina (Team 20) do a wonderful job!”
“We're a new client with The Cleaning Authority. We just had our third cleaning. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Daysy and Vanessa as our cleaning team! They're careful, considerate, thoughtful, thorough, gracious and in just three visits - they've taken our home to whole new level of clean! For example just before their last visit, I was in the middle of changing and washing the linens for the master bedroom. And because of a work emergency, I had to leave the entire room undone - bed and all. And when I came home, I found the entire room clean and new sheets on a freshly made bed! They had taken the initiative to tidy the room, clean the room, and then make the bed!! I cannot say enough good things about this cleaning service and our team! We already love what Vanessa and Daysy do for us! Thank you!”
They did a perfect job cleaning my home. I greatly appreciate those girls!!! I will be happy to recommend Cleaning Authority to my family and friends. Thank You so much!!
This company has the rare combination of great price, and spotless cleanings. Couldn't ask for more.
Very pleased with service, ladies did excellent job.
Being new to having someone else clean my house, I was nervous, but left them alone to "do their thing" and went downstairs to my studio to do some work. When they let me know the clean was complete I came upstairs and was gobsmacked by the thoroughness and attention to detail they exhibited. In truth, I see no "going back". I'm hooked on The Cleaning Authority!
The Cleaning Authority staff are efficient, thorough and professional; my home is sparkling! I appreciate the quality and the attention to detail. I am very glad to have this service.
I work out of state, and am only home weekends. My wife works 12-hour shifts and cares for her aging mother who lives with us. It seems that finding the time to clean was always problematic. Now, with the ladies from Cleaning Authority coming every two weeks, a lot of stress has been taken away. They do a great job, are in and out without disrupting the household and when they are finished, the house is sparkling. This is well worth the small amount of money it costs.
I'm a young mom with two kids working full time. Something had to give and it was the house. But The Cleaning Authority takes care of that for me so we can enjoy family time together.
First time in my life I have ever had a cleaning service. Cristina and Cecilia did a great job!
All of the cleaners that have come to my house have done a nice job. I would like to say that Martha and Jessy that came today did an especially nice job and did lots of little extra things that made it look so special. Please thank them for me.
We had our first clean today and I cannot believe I waited so long to employ a service like this!!! I do not enjoy cleaning and have a very busy schedule, so it often waits until just before we are having people over or I get completely disgusted. We have two dogs who shed a fair amount, so things tend to pile up quickly. One of your estimators came out just days after I called to inquire about your services and the first clean was set for just a few days after that. Just got home and everything looks amazing!!! The master shower and the kitchen sink are cleaner than they were when we bought the place 4 years ago. It smells wonderful, not like a ton of chemicals, and I am so pleased with this service. Looking forward to not having to worry about the state of the house in the future. I am one happy customer and will be sure to let all of my friends and co-workers know.
Your staff always do a great job. I'm often out of the house when they are there, but when I do see them they are always so nice and polite. We've used your service for years and have never had any problems. Keep up the good work!
I had another cleaning company for many years before trying Cleaning Authority and am so happy I made the switch. They are reliable, professional, competent and extremely respectful of my home and all that's within it.
Dear Jenn, I wanted to let you know about a compliment I received today because it relates to your cleaning service. I had my carpets professionally cleaned today. Before he left, the owner said that our house is one of the cleanest he has ever seen and that I am an amazing housekeeper. I admitted that we use you as professional cleaners twice a month. I thought you would want to know that we are a good team. He was surprised that our downstairs carpets are over 10 years old because they didn't look that way to him. That is a great compliment from a person who works in over 25 houses a week! I gave him the name of your company. Also, I appreciate you passing my previous message onto our cleaning team. Their extra attention to details really made a difference. It was especially helpful that they vacuumed the edges of the carpet near the baseboard. It looked and felt very clean.
I've only gotten the first clean, but my entire house looks AWESOME. I love that after they left, my house had no fruity, flowery or chemical smell. There was NO smell at all. It just smelled like clean!! They were very respectful for me and my things and took care to clean completely. I look forward to Detail Clean B next week. Thanks for giving me a clean house and now more time to do other things!!
Your cleaners did a fantastic job - I was worried that I would not be happy with the services due to being a new customer but these ladies ROCK! My house is immaculate!
THANK you! I just wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate you. I must apologize because I was so sick while they were cleaning, and then my family got off work and out of school early. Your staff was patient with us, cleaning around us and they still did a great job! Looking forward to continued business. Thanks again!!
Came home to a lovely, clean environment. The team seemed to be focused on the details. Nothing better for a mother of a 3yr old and 5 mo old than a clean house. Thanks.
The services that you offer are fantastic and I find the staff that comes into my home professional, thorough and efficient. Jennifer in the front office is FANTASTIC! She not only keeps the staff organized but the customers too! She handles situations with consummate ease and professionalism. Thank you for your efforts to make life a little easier and cleaner.
We have just completed our Initial B Cleaning and I want to tell you that we are thrilled with your employees' work. They left the house spotless and were efficient and courteous in their work.