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They did an amazing, thorough job...I'm one to check baseboards and crown moldings for dust and they passed all my tests!
Valerie Gray
I am very pleased and THANKFUL for your care and concerns. I couldn't do it without you!
Tina and her group have been doing a very nice job. We've been doing a lot of small home improvements that ladies are having to clean around. THANKS!
The house always looks great!
Mary Kay
I continue to be extremely pleased with every aspect of The Cleaning Authority from the absolute BEST in cleaning, to the regular quality checks, to the professional and courteous office/administrative staff who is always accommodating and approachable. I have a high standard of excellence and The Cleaning Authority meets this standard consistently. I recommend you without reservation!!
These girls do a fantastic job. They are very nice and kind. I highly recommend The Cleaning Authority!
Our team is very professional. They are always on time and are ready for any task at hand. We love our team.
We were very pleased by the first visit from the ladies at The Cleaning Authority!
Jerry West
I LOVE TEAM 8 - They are the best!! I have never been so proud of my home! I know Team 8 takes pride in their work, because it shows!!
My home is clean and the people who cleaned were clean, friendly and pleasant and a joy to have in my home. I can hardly wait to see what they accomplish next time.
Sue Epley
I am a stickler and have had very few problems with the service. All issues were addressed to my satisfaction. I didn't think I would like the rotational emphasis on this room or that, but have been pleasantly surprised. The thing I like best is that my baseboards are CLEAN. I would definitely recommend this service.
Diane Poole
We just experienced our first house cleaning with The Cleaning Authority. They did a fantastic job. I am very pleased!! I think this will be the beginning of a great relationship!
Joetta Canaan
You have an excellent cleaning staff. They are hard working, extremely thorough and very professional. They provide excellent service and I highly recommend. The office staff is just as high quality. I readily recommend your company.
Jane C., Salisbury
These girls are wonderful. I am very fussy and they exceed my expectations. I have never been so happy with a cleaning service and The Cleaning Authority has relieved a lot of stress in my life. Thanks you!
Mary D. Concord
We are extremely happy with our cleaning crew. Great work ladies!
Britton S., Lexington
It's great to come home to a clean house! Thank you for the great job you do!!. Love it that you clean baseboards.
Deb K., Salisbury
I continue to LOVE it when Madison comes to clean! They do a fantastic job! Thank you and keep up the GREAT work!
Melissa Y., China Grove
I'm very pleased with what the ladies are doing in my house. They are pleasant and work very hard. They know what they are suppose to do to and get it done. We are thankful for the brochure that came in the mailbox when we were looking for someone.
Opal P., Concord
Just wanted to give kudos to my team for putting up with my daughter's bathroom each time they clean. The bathrooms were the special areas this week and they look fabulous! Thanks!
Lori P. Harrisburg
A very special thanks for the outstanding cleaning yesterday. It meant soooo much to come home to a shinning home after a difficult week teaching, and the death of a special dog. Thanks for ALL you do!!!
Alicia W., Concord
We're so thrilled with the job you do. thank you so much. We have complete confidence in the teams in our home. We appreciate your kind notes and we honestly couldn't be happier.
Margy S.
We want you to know that we continue to be very pleased with the service your young ladies provide.
Steve and Rachel M.