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Couldn't be happier with The Cleaning Authority. The attention to detail is wonderful and I come home satisfied every single time. The rotation service is excellent & keeps my home extra clean. Highly recommended!
Tonya W
After my first cleaning everything is as discussed during my consultation. My husband was very impressed when he arrived home. I was thrilled the staff was able to remove hairspray residue off a dresser I haven't been able to get off in years. It's just the beginning but it's a really good one!
Sherri M.
The cleaning yesterday was perfect and it was beautiful! I was super happy when I got home Thank you!! The ladies did an EXCELLENT job!! You have commitment to high standards and customer service!
Amy C.
Had my first service done and was very pleased.
Overall the first two initial cleanings were the best we had from an outside company. There is a communication gap because we do not understand Spanish and the cleaning gals understand minimal English. I requested the cleaning of our spare bedroom and bathroom as needed. I decided for the first two cleanings that we would have the spare bedroom and bathroom cleaned so we started out with a thoroughly cleaned house. I thought I communicated that to the gals. After checking the spare bath after the first cleaning I noticed it did not look like a thorough cleaning was done. So for the second cleaning I tried tell the gals to clean the spare bedroom and bath. So I watched the cleaning a little closer. The inspector (Daimy) was at the house as the gals were finishing and I told her I was paying for the cleaning of the spare bedroom and bath and showed her the paperwork. I believe she explained this to the gals and the spare bedroom and bath were cleaned. Other than the communication gap the cleaning was excellent. I am thinking of a way that I can help with the communication gap.
Bill Biros
Thank you Cleaning Authority and Team 9; great job! Our first visit was last Tuesday, May 2. Could not be more pleased, and so looking forward to a long (and sparkling) relationship! I am especially grateful that you were able to get us on your schedule before our VIP house guest arrived on Thursday! Maggie is very familiar with our previous housekeeping service and was most impressed by the difference. I have and will continue to recommend your service to friends and neighbors. Our warmest regards to all, Bob Cave and Karan Cowden-Cave
Karan Cowden-Cave
This was my very first service and and I am just thrilled. Got home from work and when I walked in it was like a prism, everything shined! Best decision I ever made.
Denise Cooper
The girls did a great job today!
Jeannie Spalding
The girls did an awesome job. The house looks great!
Hallie Vitolo
This team did a WONDERFUL job! They worked really hard.
Betty Fritz
The girls did a wonderful job!
Liliana Irwin
Your girls always do a great job!
Scott Baker
The girls did a great job!
Judie Drury
I had a team from The Cleaning Authority clean my house for the first time..... and it was fabulous!! They paid attention to detail, and did a wonderful job. Thank you. They will be cleaning my house every two weeks!! The price was also very reasonable. I had a quote from another cleaning company, and it was double what Cleaning Authority charged.
Kim Earley
The girls did a wonderful job!
Kim Earley
Team did a very nice job.
Melvin Schwartz
Friendly, professional, experienced and thorough!
Andrew Semple
5 Stars for this company. My house is always cleaned well. I trust everyone who comes to cleans. They listen to my needs and if they are able, will do the cleaning. I've had several people clean my house over the years, by far, The Cleaning Authority is the best. I highly recommend them.
This is a great solution to good, consistent house cleaning. They have a rotating system that lets you know what they did that clean and what is up next. A check list is provided of all of the areas they focused on that day and what will be next. Though you don't always have the same cleaners, the job is consistently done.
Had first cleaning. Very thorough. They hit areas that have been missed before. Owner is professional and easy to deal with.
Dave c
The two ladies who cleaned our home were very thorough. I couldn't believe it but they really did use toothbrushes to scrub all the nooks and crannies of my kitchen. But most of all, they were very kind to our old dog. They just worked around her as she snoozed right in the middle of the living room floor. That meant a lot to me. I am very happy to have chosen The Cleaning Authority and look forward to the second deep clean, and hopefully, a long relationship!
Eileen Hansen
I am very happy with the job they did. Team 3 were professional, friendly, thorough, and did everything we agreed on. I will have them come to clean my home again. And I love the fact that they bring there own products that are not harsh to the environment.
Today was my first cleaning, if this is the way they leave my home each time I will remain extremely satisfied and happy. The cleaners were proficient polite and extremely good workers . Thank you The Cleaning Authority and welcome to my home.
I was very pleased with the my first cleaning from the Cleaning Authority. The two ladies were very nice and did a very good job. I look forward to having them return every other week to do my cleaning.
Gloria Palmer
The clean was wonderful. My husband said that the house has never looked so good!
Denise M.
No matter what team cleans our house; it is perfectly done and even smells nice when they leave. Keep coming!
Lila T.
Today Team #5, Gaudencia and Kilma cleaned our home and did a great job. Every floor is clean and shining. They even cleaned the corners next to my desk and bookcases when they vacuumed in my office. Very nice job. My compliments to these two ladies who obviously take pride in their craft.
Ahna B.
Again I want to say how very pleased my husband and I are with the job that the girls did yesterday at our house. You exceeded our expectations and my husband is very picky when it comes to someone cleaning our home. We've had cleaning companies in the past and they didn't come close to the awesome job that your company did. Everything about your company is top notch, from the walk through to determine our cleaning needs to every question I've had about your company. Thanks again!!
L.R. Sarasota
After almost a year with the cleaning authority, I am as happy now as I was with the first clean. Always an EXCELLENT job.
L.S. Sarasota