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The staff was quite congenial and thorough in all that they did. We look forward to future good "cleaning" - Thanks.
I'm very impressed with the reliability and professionalism of the people at The Cleaning Authority. I have used a number of different cleaning people over the years and it seemed like they were frequently calling me to re-schedule due to illness, other jobs or whatever. This never happens with the Cleaning Authority. They are ALWAYS there when they are scheduled to be there. And they do a terrific job. I like the fact there are always two people cleaning my home, too. I also like the ease of payment with the company taking the payment out of my account each time so I don't have to remember to leave a check. Very professional.
No hassles, great cleaning, friendly service. I am very happy with the service so far (one cleaning).
This company is well organized and has fantastic staff. I love the rotating cleaning schedule. I know that my home will be tip top clean each time the team leaves. Thank you!
The Cleaning Authority recently cleaned our home for a thorough spring cleaning. My husband and I were very impressed with their thoroughness. Everything was sparkling clean. Just like you cleaned it yourself, only better!
I really like the great teams who come to clean my apartment! They do a very good job, very thorough and I have been recommending The Cleaning Authority to everyone! I hope I rated them 5 stars as I am a very satisfied customer. The price is perfect also! Great job Cleaning Authority!
My husband and I are full-time working professionals. The last thing we want to do on our time off is clean our home but, with three dogs, it has to be done. I was thrilled with the results of our first cleaning with Cleaning Authority! As we roamed through our house in our usual manner that evening, I kept finding little delights in the care the team took to clean our home. The team paid attention to detail and left no dust undusted! They even did the blinds!!! That was huge win! I am very pleased and look forward to our bi-weekly cleanings going forward. Thank you Cleaning Authority!! Worth every single penny
I didn't believe you when you said the quality of your service would remain consistent. All the other services I have had got worse over time. 5 years later, I couldn't be happier. Your service is fantastic.
The thing I like best about your service is the wow factor. When I come home I think wow, this is great. Smells and feels clean every time.
You guys did such a GREAT job, our house looked SO good...what a treat. Here is the key and you can keep it.
I particularly love the fact that The Cleaning Authority uses all environmentally safe cleaning products. This is important for my family and pets. Plus, they do such a wonderful job every clean.
I've used The Cleaning Authority weekly now for 6 years. I have yet to be disappointed. If I have something I need to talk to the office about, I receive a return phone call from the manager or owner within an hour. My team is so courteous and friendly.