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Tomballs Team 7 ( Gloria and Gladis) did a great job. Very happy when I got home and saw the hard work that they had done. Couldn't have asked for any better service today.
I could not be more satisfied with you folks. Fast, friendly and quick to ask if I need anything specifically attended to.
Today the Team spent unsolicited, extra time working in our house. We missed the Labor Day cleaning and also had a 'hurricane family with kids' that spent 10 days in our house. We are really appreciative of their genuine caring for our house and the good work they always do. Thanks.
I am rarely home when the teams come to clean my house, but the few times I have been there they have been so courteous and respectful of my space. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it!!
A happy customer is a customer who has a clean house and a cute toilet paper bow on each bathroom roll. Even though they do a great job, it is an extra plus in customer service when a supervisor shows up every once in a while to just check.
The ladies are doing a very good job. The house virtually sparkles when they leave.
The girls are doing a very good job cleaning my house. I’m very pleased. I have no complaints at all.
I couldn't be more pleased!!! I can be pretty nit picky, but I have absolutely no complaints. Team #11, Elizabeth and Johana, did a fantastic job! My house was CLEAN, sparkling, and smelling great! Thank you!
My crew that cleaned this week and on my last clean were very thorough and did an excellent job. Jaime, who was this week, and Michelle, who was 3 weeks ago, are exemplary women and cleaners! These women are definitely an asset to your company. I am completely pleased with the house cleaning I'm receiving.
Just wanted you to know that Julia and Sandra on Team 15 did an exceptional job of cleaning yesterday. Not to say they have not done a good job of cleaning before, it was just better and more noticeable this time. Maxine thought we had a different crew because it was cleaner then usual. In particular Maxine was very pleased with the way they cleaned the black from the master shower tile where it gets in the corners and they really cleaned the glass patio door. Thank them and have them keep up the good work
I am very pleased with the teams I've had here Jan. & Feb. They did an excellent job! I especially enjoy Michelle but they both are diligent hard workers. I am happy I switched companies - yours is much better!!! THANK YOU. Sincerely, Janet Loughran
I am very satisfied with the girls that come to clean our home, but more than that, I appreciate their honesty. I know if i can't be here everything will be okay. They are very respectful, something one doesn't see that often. Thanks much.
We are so impressed at the amazing job you do cleaning our house. It is nice to come home to a spotless house and we appreciate your hard work! Thank you.
I'm very happy. The crew does a really good job.
We are extremely satisfied with the services of your company and the cleaning team. They are very professional and dependable. We know we can count on you! Thanks so very much.
The ladies of Team 15 did a great job cleaning my home yesterday. Thank you and them for the quality and comprehensive results.
The team was friendly, efficient, and fast. I was very pleased with their cleaning. I am thankful I have the Cleaning Authority to help me maintain my place.
The team that cleaned my house the Saturday before Thanksgiving was awesome! My house has never been so clean. I would love to have them every time.
Thank you for a job well done! I appreciate you!
As you know, I am not bashful about letting you know about what we think. You crew has been doing a very fine job the last few trips. You should be proud of them. I would be happy to commend them to others – except that you might have them so busy that we might lose them and have to break in another crew! Thank you for the quality which you provide.
We had Maria and Jenny Team #13 clean our house last Tuesday. They were the best house cleaners we have had since we have used your service. We really want them to be our house cleaners. The bed had hospital corners, the sink was immaculate, the laundry room was cleaned, besides other impressive cleaning acts.
I am very pleased with the team that is cleaning my home. They know how to look at the details and do an excellent job in the work they do. I look forward to having them because I know there will be no explanations needed, or reminders concerning certain areas overlooked previously, and they are good and thorough. It reflects on their character as well as their skills.
I am very pleased with my initial combination A and B cleaning. Your employees were very careful, thorough and professional. Thank you I look forward to the first regular cleaning in two weeks.
They did an excellent job this week! We were out of town and what a wonderful experience to come home to a clean house!
I have been very pleased with the cleanings that have been done. They are very thorough and when I wanted the floors to be checked and made sure they were cleaned it was taken care of promptly. The cleaners are very courteous and take care of our house like they would their own. My kids love how they make their bed!
Though Dina and Nublis were assigned to my house for the first time, they did a competent and thorough job of cleaning. Both of them were respectful and willing to approach all the tasks. Keep up the good work, Cleaning Authority!!
They are doing a great job and we have no complaints.
I really appreciate all of the hard work that your team does to keep our home clean!
They did a GREAT job! Very personable and friendly as well. Thank you!
I have been a customer for about 5 or 6 years. I am always pleased with the quality and professionalism of the cleaning teams. I am a completely satisfied customer. Thank you and your teams for that great work.
I am a new customer and just had my Initial Clean A performed last week. The team did a great job! They worked really hard and were very thorough.
Nothing but great things to say about the cleaning team who cleaned our house last week. Just a special thanks to them as they had to clean around boxes and containers which we had taken out of the attic but had to store in rooms and hallways.
I am very satisfied with the team, usually team #12. Very nice girls, and they come in they get working!
We are very pleased with the ladies who cleaned our house. They are friendly, but not overly so. They settle down to work and work well together. They did lack to pay attention to some of the minor detail work, but that may be because one of the ladies was new on the job. I feel that will be changed by their next visit. We have truly enjoyed having Cleaning Authority as our cleaning service. It is not always easy to admit that one cannot do their own work anymore; the Cleaning Authority has made this step easy for us. Thanks!
We are very happy with the service. The crew has done an excellent job every time.
Angelica and team 5 are the best. Keep up the good work!
So far I'm really happy with the service. I love not having to worry about cleaning as often.
Hooray for team #20. Best cleaning my house has had in a while. No stuff dust mopped into corners, etc. Wish I had them all the time!!! Exceptional job!!!
The staff that did my house yesterday were wonderful, wish I could have them each time.
I really like the team I had yesterday #19 and hope they will be back. I appreciate Becky's prompt response.
The team did a great job this week.
I am very happy with Teresa. She gets everything done and still manages to train so many different people. If I ever have any concerns I just let her know and she takes care of it. Teresa deserves recognition for a job well done and keeps this customer happy.
Team 19 is exceptional. They did a fabulous job on our house. Thanks for a job well done.
The team did a great job on our house yesterday!
We still love using The Cleaning Authority, the teams consistently do a good job.
I am very pleased with my cleaning crew! They are very thorough and I love seeing the shine on my floors and my counter tops after they have cleaned. I am especially impressed with how clean the blinds are! I was never able to get all of the dust off the blinds, but they look amazing! My wood floors are shiny, the tile floors are shiny (another thing that impresses me since I was never able to get them to look that way myself)! They have even gone the extra mile on several occasions to make my son's bed and they always arrange my children's stuffed animals in different places. The kids love that!
We are very pleased with our service!!
The team did a very good job cleaning my house. Thank you.
I was happy with the cleaning done last week.
I am very pleased with the new team. They are doing a good job and are very professional.
We are very pleased with the service.
Warm fuzzies to Maria and her partner. They were very thorough and friendly. Beautiful smiles!! Would love for them to come for every cleaning.
Communication is awesome! I always receive quick texts and return calls promptly. The service is flexible when I need change. Upper management is eager to fix problems.
I love the team that has been the last couple of times which is why I have requested them on a permanent basis.
Great job. Very well done.
Team 17 Dina and Nublis did a great job! The house felt and smelled nice and clean when I got home from work.
I was super pleased with the job your last two ladies did for me. It was spotless and shining. I would like to have them again.
Still doing superb work!
We are very pleased with your cleaning crews.
The house looked incredible last week! The crew was the best yet!
This past week I had team 19 come to my house. I absolutely loved them! The ladies did an amazing job. Very thorough, professional, kind. I look forward to having this team back again.
Everything was wonderful. Thanks. It's so nice to come home to a well ordered and clean home.
Wanted to let you know this crew was exceptional today! As often as you can send them here that would be great. They paid attention to every detail. A job very well done!
Please let Team 16 know they did a good job and we appreciate their work.
I do want to say that your ladies were great and worked hard. Angelica and Maria did an awesome job!
They did a great job today! Thanks!
Love coming home to my nice clean house!
Always happy with the team that comes in. This last time they did such an excellent job.
My house looks amazing! Brought me to tears. I just walked in from school so tired but this brought joy!!
Great job as always! My expectations are very high and are always met.
They are doing a very nice job. Thanks so much!
They completed a move-out cleaning for us. They did an awesome job especially cleaning floors where refrigerator and washer and dryer were. Very happy with them.
My daughter and Granddaughter are moving into a new place Oct. 22nd. Most of their stuff is here in boxes! Our tidy house has become a nightmare! Called The Cleaning Authority before they cleaned our house last Friday to warn them and tell the cleaners to just clean around the chaos! Angelina and Dina Team #5 performed a miracle. They organized the chaos, cleaned the house and I am so impressed! Kudos to these sweet hard working ladies!
The ladies did a beautiful job of cleaning our house! Thank you for a thorough job.
Overall we are pleased with service.
We have enjoyed our relationship with The Cleaning Authority. They respond to our special requests and provide top notch cleaning services monthly. I was particularly pleased with Michelle and Angie this month who went the extra mile. We wish they could be assigned as our regular crew. However, the entire staff is friendly and competent.
Great job! Team 11 is the best! Thanks for sending them.
I have been so pleased with your service. The people you have sent to help me have been very professional and polite. I am pleased with the care and service they give and am happy I found your company.
The girls did a fabulous job on my house on Friday. I am very pleased. Thank you!
The crew were truly outstanding, they asked me about trouble area's that I had concerns about.....great service!
Wanted to let you know the ladies did an awesome cleaning job on my house today!
Yet again, Maria and Diana did an excellent job on my home. Please thank them for me.
I so very much appreciate the customer service!
The team did a great job. I am very happy with it.
Team #9 did an excellent job. They were thorough and found all the cobwebs omitted by the previous team. Under my bed was clean. Under the couches and the grand piano was clean. Their attention to these areas is greatly appreciated. The vacuuming and dusting was thorough and complete. I am thankful, as I work everyday in our office and have limited time myself.
Our most recent cleaning was wonderful!! The entire house was spotless with details tended to. We are most pleased with the work this team did.
We have been very pleased with your cleaning service. The team #16, of Tracy and Ruth did a fine job on August l6 and we would recommend them to come again when possible. Your teams have been a lot of help for us, since my husband has had surgery and I was in the hospital for a week. Thanks again.
Last week, y'all cleaned my house and the girls did a great job. I was very happy with the service.
They are always good but detail to the floor molding and floor are awesome.
The crew did a good job yesterday. Please thank them for me!
I am very pleased with the ladies assigned to clean our house. We have people who arrive on time and do a thorough job.
I am very pleased with the young ladies who clean my home.They are all very nice and do a fine job.But what I appreciate so very much is the honesty. A couple times I had to keep a Dr's. appointment and I knew I could trust them , for me that is a huge thing. Thanks to everyone that who has worked in my home, a big thanks!!
Crew did a great job this week.
Great job as always! I love your service..used you for years and would recommend you to anyone!
They team did a great job on our house. We appreciate their hard work.
Great job as always! I love your service... used you for years and would recommend you to anyone!
The crew worked really hard yesterday. Everything was cleaned perfectly. They were quick also. They did a great job.
I wanted to let you know that your team did a great job today. Our hardwood floors look great!
I just want to give props to our cleaning team. They did an amazing job on our house yesterday. I just wanted to tell them THANK YOU!
They did a bang up great cleaning job and we are very pleased!
Exceptional detailed cleaning and office staff!
Maria and Jenny did a great job of cleaning our home!
The ladies, Team #14, Ashley & Aileny did a wonderful job of cleaning our house.
They always do a fantastic job and are so friendly and nice. I missed seeing them!
Wonderful job by my favorite team!! Thanks a bunch!! Appreciate y'all.
It is always nice to know my home is deep cleaned. Thanks you guys!!
I wanted you to know how pleased we were with the teams cleaning yesterday. The house is going through some problems because of water damage and insurance, but you wouldn't know it today. The two of them left the house clean and sparkling (as much as possible) even though we asked for some extra attention in some areas. They seem to take great pride in their work and it shows in their bright spirits and hard work. Thanks!
Your crews continue to do an outstanding job and we appreciate their hard work. Our team #11 is the best!!
Yesterday's cleaning was very nice. The team did a very good job. Thanks to the owner for stopping by to make sure things were done well. I was very pleased.
We are very pleased with the overall clean on a weekly basis.
The team that just came did an awesome job. Best clean I've had!
Your team were delightful ladies and worked without stopping for well over 3 hours that day. They did not miss a single spot and went the extra mile to get the bathroom as clean as new. It is an old apartment but the tile and tub were shining clean. I was so amazed at the detail of dusting corners and underneath chairs that was done. They even cleaned under the dining table pedestal. That was the first thing mom looked at from where she sits. We appreciate your team and will happily recommend them any time.
Fantastic job as usual.
We love team Your team! They never disappoint! Thank you! Awesome job!
Great job to our crew. It is so good to come home to a clean house. Thank you everyone for making our life easier and better.
The man and woman team that clean our house do a pretty good job. I am a picky person, so I always notice anything missed or thing not put back in place. But good job, and they put up with one of my cats that puts her nose right in the middle of everything! They are very nice.
Great job as always!
The team arrived when expected and immediately got to work. And they did an great job.
I feel like a broken record, but that is good. The team did an excellent job on the recent cleaning of our house. The little touches they do makes it so nice to come home to on a Friday evening, knowing our house is clean.
Your team did a great job. We are always pleased with the work of this team. I also really appreciated that she followed up with me when the cleaning was complete to be sure that I was happy. My thanks to them and to you for the dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.
Thank you for clean today ! The team did a great job cleaning our home. They were both very thorough. They were customer friendly and didn't waste any time getting to work.
I could not be happier. I waited a week to reply to you just to make sure I didn't find anything that was a problem and I did not find a thing wrong. I am more than thrilled with the work they did. The team you sent were very friendly and my husband and I are very happy with the work they did.
Your cleaning team did an excellent job. I am very satisfied, and grateful.
Another great clean by Teresa and Ashley!
Cirenia and Karla did a fantastic job. They were quick and yet still thorough. They're probably one of the best teams I've had.
Team three is an awesome team !!!
Satisfactory work performed by Tatiana and Maria G.
The Cleaning Authority has been my 'go to' cleaning specialist for a number of years. I appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of their services. Manuel and Rosalinda are delightful personalities.
Team 2 was awesome, as usual. They even found my missing onyx studs! Thanks for another excellent cleaning!
Very good. Love Michael and his partner. Thank you.
Your cleaning team does a very nice job each time they come.
Everything's been great , no problems!
The team that came to my house did an exception job.
We were impressed with our cleaning!
The team did an excellent job of cleaning!
We were very pleased with the cleaning. We were especially pleased with the way the mirrors and the shower in the Master Bath were cleaned. This was the first time the mirrors were “really clean” and all the black grime in the shower was gone this time.
My cleaning team continues to do a great job!
Please convey a big “thank you” to the team who cleaned my house last Friday, everything was handled the way I like it to be done. All I had to work on was the paperwork on my kitchen table. We had 5 couples over for dinner Saturday evening and the house sparkled! A Happy Customer!
We are very happy with the service we are getting. It is so nice to finally have a cleaning service we know we can depend on . Great job to the teams!! Thank you so very much!!
I would just like to say, I love team 2. Maria and team always do a great job!
The team did a great job on our house this week! We really appreciate it and the quality control person came by as well.
We are very pleased with The Cleaning Authority service. Our third service call was on Wednesday, the ladies did a very good job.
We are very pleased with The Cleaning Authority service. Our third service call was on Wednesday, the ladies did a very good job.
All is good, no complaints. We appreciate the service.
Team 13 cleaned my house yesterday and it was awesome. They did a terrific job! My house smelled clean and my house is spotless. Thanks so much for your hard work. I know it's not easy to do hard cleaning and you did an excellent job. 😀
Michael and Teresa are a great team. On time, efficient, and always ready to work. I really appreciate the positive attitudes that they bring. It is easy to understand why they are in demand.
We are very happy with the job your cleaners are doing. I am very impressed with some of the things they clean on a regular basis and I am happy about the ‘extras’ that are rotated.
I wanted to respond to your email and let you know that the ladies coming to our house to clean every other week are doing a great job. It is really nice to come home to a clean house and to have fresh clean bed sheets on the bed. I believe they are doing everything they are there to do. Having dogs in the house makes there job challenging because of the hair and dander but they do a good job.
Thank you Team 18, Ary and Lucy - you did a fantastic job this week, and I loved the special touch with the towel animals!
Just had what I think was the best clean ever! Would love to have them back next time...they left before I could get a tip for them!
Team 15 cleaned our house last Tue and they did such a nice job. I am very pleased with their work!
You all are really great. Thank Team 14, they did a fantastic job, I would like to see them come by more.
The girls did an excellent job on Thursday and our new girl was friendly and out-going and did a very good job!! Azalea as usual did an outstanding job and goes above and beyond job expectations!! I am very pleased with our service that we receive!
The team that cleaned our house yesterday did an amazing job! We are very pleased with their work! Thank them for us.
Team did, as usual, a super job!
I wanted to take the time to reach out and let you know that your crew did an exceptional job for the first time. They have exceeded my expectations and can honestly say I am glad to have made the switch to your company. I hope that they can continue to do a great job. I did tell them they did an excellent job when they were leaving but as a business owner myself I know it is nice to hear compliments from customers instead of just when their is a problem.
Once again, the Team did a beautiful job! I was very pleased with everything. I don't know what time they arrived, as I wasn't home, but when I returned about 4:00 to a clean home, it made me feel really good. I was able to spend the afternoon out shopping and not having to stay home and clean.
You guys are awesome.
I pulled up and the ladies we're leaving. One got out of the car, followed me into the garage. She wanted to know where the extra can liners were, we were out under the sink. I got the box from the garage, she took it, opened it, placed it under the sink, put a new liner in the kitchen trash can, said thank you and left. They were done, but she came back. Who does that? A great employee, that's who.
Thank you for another great job with cleaning our home. It is always a great pleasure to come home to a fresh clean house. The ladies do a wonderful job.
Team #1 did a fine job. I was quite pleased with them.
Looking forward to a clean house. I was here last month when my house was cleaned. I had the pleasure to meet team #14. Very sweet ladies and I appreciated their efforts to make me happy.
I must say I don't know why it took me so long to decide to have someone professional clean for me once a month. It is wonderful to have a clean environment and your crews have all been very good. They have all been courteous and prompt and clean house the way I think it should be done!
I love The Cleaning Authority! I had used another service for years and was happy (or so I thought) with the job they did, but I tried The Cleaning Authority after receiving a coupon in the mail. The work that they do is phenomenal. I never knew that my house could look this good, and I didn't know what I was missing with my previous service. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
I am very pleased with the services provided. This week my house was full of people and the staff was totally non obtrusive.
As always great job!
Team #11 did a GREAT job! Please thank them again for us.
Teresa and her crew have always been courteous, efficient and thorough. We are very pleased with your service
Thank you to Team 12 for awesome service and professionalism.
The girls were super sweet in handling it, but I felt terrible making them work around me (and the hyped up pups!).You guys are always very accommodating, and it is really appreciated.
Just wanted to let you know, Team 10 did a great job.
Team 18 did a fantastic job today. Our play room has never looked better! I don't even think it was on today's deep clean rotation, but Ari and Brenda did a wonderful job. Thank you.
I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with the level of service we have received this year and especially how thorough Gloria and Gladys are when they clean.
I can't tell you how pleased I am with today's cleaning. This is just wonderful! Why can't everyone clean like Mireya. I want her every month whatever team she is with. Please give her and Team 12my heartfelt thanks. And thank you for making it happen.
Excellent cleaning from the team today! This is the type of clean I love to come home to.
Really impressed with the deep clean yesterday. Really excited about using your company!!! Thanks again Matt & ya'll have a great weekend.
Team number one is doing an excellent job so far. Thank you again for the new team.
Kudos --Alma and Mary did a wonderful job Dec. 2nd. I noticed they reached high to clean and scrub spots on the floor too. The house had a complete clean and smelled fresh too. Thanks again for sending a great team.
What did we like about the team? They arrived on time (mid-morning), worked diligently and finished in a couple of hours. The house has never been cleaner as they gave attention to detail in everything they did. They were very nice too. I hope we get them again!
What did we like about the team? They arrived on time (mid-morning), worked diligently and finished in a couple of hours. The house has never been cleaner as they gave attention to detail in everything they did. They were very nice too. I hope we get them again!
The ladies did a wonderful job of cleaning this week. Since I had leg surgery, I could not clean the floor by my washing machine. They were able to clean the area. GREAT JOB.
Thanks for having a quality crew. They really like what they do. Team 5 is a winner. Bonus them.
The ladies always seem to do a great job. House looks and smells great.
I believe we had Team 17 ... ?? I'm not sure. However, they did a great job at our house. Please thank them! We appreciate all of your teams and their hard work! I also appreciate how quick you are at scheduling, holiday times, etc.
Working full time myself outside of the home my house gets in a pretty big mess. Thank you all for coming in and making my home a clean welcome place. You do a wonderful job.
I am so happy to have The Cleaning Authority as my cleaning service. You have always been very easy to work with and have accommodated the time and team I have requested. I know that changes are made due to promotions and turn overs. I have had team 4 for quite some time. Miss Vicenta is great...and when there are other ladies with her they work well and team together to get the job done.
I am very pleased with the ladies working at my home.
I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day, and that you and your staff know how much we appreciate the work that all of you do to make our home sparkle for the holidays. The ladies are doing a very good job. Everything looks so nice and clean that it lifts my spirits, and makes me feel good. They go right to their work and stay with it in a professional manner until the job is finished. I look forward to seeing them each month. Thanks to all for your dedication and help.
We are very satisfied with the job your team has done for us. Thank you.
I am very pleased.
We have have enjoyed Team #11 very much! They have cleaned everything in our house so well. The Cleaning Authority accommodated us with time changes, date changes, and have really worked with us.
As always, a great job!! Happy to come home on Fridays after work and find my home nice and clean!
They are efficient, professional, and personable.
I am very happy with the service and have nothing negative to say at this time.
We still absolutely love the teams that clean our home. They do a fantastic job. Looking forward to leaving goodies for them for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I am very happy with my service. Love my new day!!
I am quite pleased with the job done by your company. My expectations have been met for the entire time of our relationship. Keep up the good work.
To date one of the best cleans from Angelica and Miriam on 11/04/15. Wish I could have team 5 all the time. Holidays are coming so are tips. Thank them for me. They really did well. Thanks for taking care of my home.
We are so thankful for our wonderful service! I love to come home from work and see how nice everything looks and smell how clean our home is. Even the little things make me smile ... like the cute fold on the toilet paper. :) Team 12 ROCKS!!
I've been very happy with my last two scheduled cleanings!
I love the days you come to my house. Thank you Team 3 for the awesome job you do.
I wanted to say how much I appreciate the consistently excellent service. I consider myself fortunate to have the long-standing association with The Cleaning Authority.
I am always amazed at how good of a job your employees do. They are punctual, friendly, thorough, and do a wonderfull job every time! I always recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you!
LEAN MEAN TEAM 13! Been wishing hard for Team 13. Now I'm home and all is clean. No in between, WOW It's clean clean clean!!! And how do I know? Cause the house is aglow. The shine hurts my eyes, I tell you no lies. It's Team 13, Lean mean Team 13. Please come back cause it's a fact. I love you guys, ain't I wise!
Thanks Hollie! Every one with your company has been pleasant and efficient. With both kinds of arthritis I am not able to do heavy cleaning. Well, truthfully I was not that great anyway. Knowing that every week the house will be cleaned is a great comfort. With the rotation system the grime doesn't build up. I have no qualms about the ladies being in my house in my absence. And I do not have to be concerned about someone not showing up. Thanks again for adjusting the schedule.
Thanks for sending Team #7 to our home today. What a gorgeous job they did. Such nice ladies and hard workers!
Clean was wonderful! House just shined when they were done. The house is under construction and it still looks great!