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I've been using The Cleaning Authority for 9 years now, and I'm truly impressed with this company. So many companies start out great and before long the quality starts to deteriorate. They clearly take quality control very seriously, and I can honestly say they just get better and better. I've had the same ladies for quite some time now, and they are always pleasant and accommodating and seem to have a great work ethic. Keep up the good work!
Over the years, we've tried individuals, other services, and even tried to clean ourselves (that didn't last long). I can honestly say we have never received the level of service we currently get with The Cleaning Authority. They're reliable, honest and very pleasant. I would highly recommend them.
'It may sound corny, but The Cleaning Authority has truly changed our lives. I'm a personal at-home chef and our kitchen really gives the ladies a run for their money. They always manage to do a great job., leaving me more time to do what I do best. Thank you for all your hard work.'
'I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job your ladies do each week. Our home has never looked so clean!'
With three kids and two dogs that shed, our house is a challenge for anyone to clean. The Cleaning Authority always steps up to the challenge and they do a great job of keeping our home maintained. We love them!