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We have a small baby and work full time. This just gives us peace of mind to have help with the housework. They do a great job and we are thrilled with their work!
I cannot believe I did not call The Cleaning Authority sooner!!! I'm one of those "I-Can-Do-Everything-Myself" kind of people, but after a few years of some very long office hours, acquiring 4 grandchildren within 3 years and trying to juggle everything else....I realized that life is too short to be dusting every day! Enter Cleaning Authority! I have piece of mind that #1: I am not spending my weekends cleaning my home and taking away precious time from my family; #2: Am keeping very capable and professional people employed; and most importantly #3: Not driving my husband crazy because I don't feel I have time for everything else! The rewards of coming home to a clean house, with perfectly marked carpets....toiletries aligned in the shower like you would find in a 4-Star Hotel....the couch set with pillows in just the right many more perks....makes me want to just stand in the foyer of my home in awe. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my mind, knowing that my home is cleaned with environmentally safe products so that my grand-kids and any future pets we may have won't be harmed, and that I can spend precious time with my family! Thank you Cleaning Authority!!!
The ladies were quick, polite, professional, and thorough. Great job.
I do want to say, I was out of town last week and I came home on Friday evening to a beautifully cleaned home. Your ladies did a fantastic job and I couldn't be more happy about the service! Your team obviously takes pride in their work!
First time customer - AWESOME JOB! Special thanks to your team - Octavio and Elia.
Thank you Cleaning Authority - you're the best! I had one of those days at work that wore me out and when I got home I was so happy to see my house cleaned so well! I can always count on you to perk me up each week. Thanks.
The office staff at The Cleaning Authority was very professional. They called to advise us of their eta, and their cleaning professionals arrived on time and professionally went about their business. I would recommend their service to anyone who appreciates reliability.
Love John and staff. They are able to handle our huge rowdy boxer which isn't an easy task! They are dependable and trustworthy.
I want to let you and your staff know how much I appreciate the work they do in our home. With your service I am able to spend more valuable time with my daughter.
We trust The Cleaning Authority to do a great job and they always do!