20 of the Best Household Tips from Our Experts

Our blog, The Clean(ing) Break, aims to help make your lives easier with household tips and tricks straight from our experts here at The Cleaning Authority. However, we know everyone has busy schedules so we’ve compiled a quick list of the most helpful suggestions to make chores and organization a whole lot easier. Here are 20 of our best household tips to help you with your daily tasks.

  1. Did you know that if you let enough dust build up on your smoke detectors, it could cause them to go off? No one wants that! You can clean your smoke alarm by vacuuming it with the soft brush attachment on your vacuum. Want more dusting tips?  We’ve got you covered.
  1. Clean your mattress by using your vacuum cleaner over the surface of the mattress. Then, spot clean with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap, and baking soda mixed together in a spray bottle. Simply spray the solution on the stain, then blot or rub with a clean rag. While you’re at it, why don’t you work through cleaning some of these other irregular surfaces in your home.
  1. A shoe organizer that typically hangs on a door is a great addition to the car to keep things organized. You can hang them on the back of the front seat for toys or snacks or store in the trunk for sporting equipment. Check out our other favorite clean car hacks now!
  1. Cleaning white shoes can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help. First, brush off your shoes to remove any bigger pieces of dirt. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda, ½ tablespoon water, and ½ tablespoon hydrogen peroxide in a small mixing bowl until it becomes an even paste. Apply a first coat of the mixture by brushing it into the surface, and then paint a second coat over the shoe. Leave your shoes in the sun for four hours. Clap your shoes together and use a brush to remove the dried up mixture. Learn more ways to clean your favorite white items.
  1. Keep door mats on both sides of the door: indoors and outdoors. When picking out door mats, look for ones that are longer than a typical stride. That way, if you’re not wiping your feet intentionally, you’ll still get some dirt off when walking on them. Need some other tips to keep your doorway clean? Check out the full blog post here.
  1. Pump some jams and let your kids dance and sing while they clean with our kid’s cleaning playlist.
  1. Make your own DIY dishwasher soap to save the environment and money! Simply combine equal parts of baking soda and borax. Use just 2 tablespoons per load. Check out more of our favorite household DIYs.
  1. When cleaning your oven, start by removing the oven racks. Mix ½ cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water, and coat your oven with the mixture. Let it sit overnight. Then, wipe down the oven with vinegar and a damp cloth. While you’re at it, clean more of your major appliances.
  1. Replace your kitchen sponge every week, get new bath towels every two years, and clean your jeans every 4-5 wears. You may be shocked to learn the frequency at which you should be replacing or cleaning these other household items.
  1. Create your own compost by putting food scraps and waste in a high-powered blender with water. Then, pour it over the garden to create an eco-friendly fertilizer. Check out these other neat uses for your favorite kitchen appliances.
  1. A key to keeping a sandbox mildew and mold free is to keep the sand dry. Be sure to cover your sandbox when it is not in use. When in use, turn the sand often to be sure the layers of sand are exposed to the sun. Make sure your kids other outdoor cleans are clean with these tips.
  1. To best maintain a wood cutting board, it’s great to oil it once a month or so. Start by washing your board with salt and lemon. Then, pour a small amount of oil onto your cutting board, and rub until you’ve hit every part of the surface. Don’t forget the back! Be sure to let it dry completed before storing. Keep your cutting boards in great condition with these hacks.
  1. Wondering how to dispose of old televisions? TVs contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. Contact a local junk removal company to get rid of yours safely. Do you know how to properly get rid of these other household items?
  2. When re-organizing your refrigerator, whatever you store in the door of the fridge needs to be something that can withstand some exposure to warmth as those are the first to feel the effects when the door is opened. Stick to condiments, drinks, or dairy (other than milk). Check out our other refrigerator hacks.
  1. Need help packing the kids’ lunches? No need to waste space with an ice pack. Instead, freeze juice boxes and throw one in. It’ll thaw in time for lunch while also keeping the rest of the food cool. Make the best lunches for your kids with these tips.
  1. Running out of storage space in your closet to keep those sundresses? Vacuum seal bags are an easy place to store your clothes without taking up too much room. Follow these other tips to get your closet organized for every season.
  1. Let your kids make outdoor art with spray chalk. Collect some spray bottles. Add 1/3 cup cornstarch to each bottle, then fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Squirt in a generous amount of food coloring into each bottle to create a variety of colors. Then let the kids have some fun on the driveway and on the sidewalk creating their masterpieces. Want more ideas for outdoor fun with your kids? We’ve got you covered.
  1. When was the last time you really cleaned your microwave? Make it easy on yourself and simply microwave a bowl of water with sliced citrus fruits until it boils. Let the microwave cool and then wipe down the inside with a soft towel. Once the microwave is clean, continue cleaning with our Spring Clean in a Day Checklist.
  2. Beware of frequently used electronics, especially during flu season. TV remotes easily pick up germs because they are so commonly handled by various members of the family. Think back to how many times you’ve enjoyed a salty snack like chips or popcorn while watching your favorite show. You can easily contract a virus as your hands go to the remote, to your snack, to your mouth. Use cleaning wipes that are safe for electronics to clean your TV remotes, and don’t forget about the smartphones, tablets, keyboard and mouse in the house as well. Be sure to clean the other areas in your home that are often missed and prone to germs.
  3. Dust bunnies not only aggravate sinuses due to their uncleanliness, but they can cause electronics to dangerously overheat. The simplest way to avoid dust bunnies populating your home is to dust and clean your floors frequently. For people with indoor pets or living in areas prone to high levels of dust, this might be as often as two times a week. In most standard environments, however, once a week is usually frequent enough to keep those bunnies at bay. Upgrading the filter you use in your central heating and cooling system can help control dust as well. Learn more about dust bunnies here.
These tips may make it easier to take care if your home, but if you want a full break from cleaning your home, you should call the professionals today! Let our certified cleaners take over and visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.