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Six Bathroom Safety Tips for Everyone in the Home

Six Bathroom Safety Tips for Everyone in the Home

Pop Quiz: Which room in the home is the most dangerous? You may initially think the kitchen, but in fact, it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house – the bathroom!

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, one out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.

January is National Bath Safety Month, and this month we encourage you to evaluate your current bathroom situation to ensure it is safe for every member of the household! Follow these six tips to easily proof your bathroom for electrical safety, burns and scalding, accidental falls, and more!

[1] Grab Handles: When you slip, your first instinct is probably to grab the towel rack or door handle. Unfortunately, these are not sturdy enough to protect you, and chances are, whatever you grab will be coming down with you. Install grab handles that make moving around the bathroom a breeze.

[2] – Water Temperature: To prevent accidental burns, set the thermostat on your water heater to below 120 Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius. Young children and elderly people are at higher risk for burns due to thinner, sensitive skin, so always check the water if you are assisting with a bath or shower.

[3] – Slip-Resistant Rugs and Mats: Place a bathroom rug outside your shower or tub to prevent accidental falls or slips. If you have children or an elderly person living at home, we also suggest adding an anti-slip mat to the bottom of your shower or tub for added support.

[4] – Child proofing: Make sure all poisonous or hazardous items are out of reach for children, including sharp objects, medicine, cleaning supplies, soap, and shampoo/conditioner. The easiest way to ensure these stay out of the wrong hands include installing cabinet locks.

[5] Lighting: Make sure your bathroom is well-lit at all time to avoid accidental falls. Install a nightlight or motion sensor lighting in the hallway and in the bathroom, for those late-night, sleepy trips.

[6] Appliances: Unplug and tuck away all electrical appliances, including hair dryers, straighteners, and razors when not in use. You should never use electrical appliances in the bathroom when you are in contact with water. According to our sister brand, Mister Sparky, you could receive a severe shock when you are in standing water, and even wet skin allows electricity an easier pass into your body. Electrical shocks can cause burns, heart arrhythmia, nervous system damage and death.

Now that you have invested your time into ensuring the bathroom is safe for every member of the family, let us clean-up for you! Our professional housecleaners are here for all your cleaning needs – to sign up for an online estimate, visit: