Christmas Countdown Decoration

Christmas Countdown Decoration
Now that my daughter is a little bit older, I often hear “How many days left until Christmas, Mommy?!” If the anticipation of Christmas is something you find in your house too, this is a great project for your family! It’s easy to make and fun, too. You can decorate and personalize it as much as you want, or keep it simple with this design. Download the pattern, and have fun!

Step 1. To get started, you will need the following supplies:

  • 25 Clothespins
  • 25 Square Wood Chips
  • Glitter Stickers For Numbers 1 to 25
  • Acrylic Paint: Red, White, Green, and Silver
  • Sticker Jewels For Decoration
  • Craft Wood Board Circle Shape
  • Ribbon To Hang
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint Brushes

(All of these materials should be available at your local craft store.)

Step 2. Decide what color pattern you want to use so you know how many materials to paint and which colors they will be.

Step 3. Paint your clothespins and square wood chips. If you want to use the same pattern as provided, you will need to paint: 6 Red, 6 White, 6 Green, and 7 Silver clothespins. Also, paint the wood chips so you have 7 Red, 6 White, 6 Green, and 6 Silver. You may need to have 1-3 layers of paint, depending on the paint and what looks good to you.
Note: The clothespins are easiest to paint if you clip them around the outside of a plastic/paper plate. Then you can hold the plate and easily reach both sides of the clothespins and it keeps them propped up to dry as well.

Step 4. Once your clothespins and wood chips are dry. Stick on the glittered numbers. Then glue the numbered wood chips on the clothespins near the end of the clip. Placement can be seen in the pattern layout. Feel free to add additional decoration as desired.

Step 5. Print out the “Days ’till Christmas” text from the second page of the pattern provided.

Step 6. On the backside of the “Days ’till Christmas” printout, rub a lead pencil on the back of where the letters are. This is going to help us easily transfer the text onto our circle craft board.

Step 7. Here you can see what the back should look like when you are done rubbing the pencil on the back.

Step 8. Wood craft boards are easy to get at your local art store and are very inexpensive. However, you can modify this part by cutting a circle out of a sturdy piece of cardboard. The size is about the same as a dinner plate, but you may want to test it by clipping all of your clothespins on it to make sure they fit before drawing or painting on your board.

Step 9. Tape the paper down on the board exactly where you want the text centered.

Step 10. Using a ballpoint pen, outline the text on the paper.

Step 11. Lift the paper, and you will see the outline from the pencil rubbing so you can easily paint the text.

Step 12. Using a small brush, paint the text first. Then, use the small brush to paint the background color around the text.

Step 13. Then, use a larger brush to finish the background color. Again, a few different layers may be needed depending on your paint.

Step 14. The last few steps are to add the ribbon so you can hang it. Glue the ribbon onto the outside edge of your board starting at the bottom.

Step 15. When you get to the top (half way around the circle) let loose some of the ribbon to make a loop for it to be hung. Then, finish gluing the rest of the ribbon until it meets the bottom where you started.
Note: Depending on your board and the materials you have available to you, an alternative way to hang it would to use a staple gun and attach the ribbon in a loop at the top in the back, and hang it that way.
Now your family will stop asking you “How many more days…” and they will enjoy getting to do the Christmas countdown themselves!

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