Quick & Easy Halloween Craft

Quick & Easy Halloween Craft

I love holidays! And one of the big reasons I love holidays is because I LOVE CRAFTS. Typically, I will find some elaborate pin on Pinterest that I just have to do. I’ll start it and never manage to finish it in time before the holiday actually comes. So this year I figured I’ll save myself the time and forego the craft. Then about 2 weeks ago I saw these super cute butterfly’s on a friends Facebook page that she had made for her daughters class:

Really cute right?! So then the gears started turning…”What could I make with clothespins for Halloween? It can’t take that long to do something like this, right?” And then it hit me- SPIDERS!!! So I went out to my local Michaels the day before Halloween, spent less than $15 assembled them in a night and voila, Halloween Clothespin Treat Spiders. I will admit it was slightly creepy to see them all laid out on my table when I was done, even though I knew they weren’t real and they looked friendly enough. The best part though was they didn’t take long to make and assemble. The whole project took me less than an hour and a half (including dry time). Want to make your own? Here are the steps and supplies:

- Black pom poms in 2 sizes (I used (2) 1″ and (1) 1.5″ on each clothespin. Be sure you get enough pom poms for each spider you are making)
- Clothespins
- Black craft paint
- Paint brush or sponge
- Small googly eyes
- Black pipe cleaner (You will need 4 for each clothespin)
- Craft glue
- Snack bags and your choice of treat
- Magnet strips (optional)


halloween clothespin treat spiders

STEP 1: Paint each clothespin black. You can do this quickly. It doesn’t have to be pretty because you will be covering most of the clothespin up with pom poms.
STEP 2: While the paint is drying, begin adding two googly eyes to each 1″ pom poms.
STEP 3: While the pom poms are drying you can begin taking your pipe cleaners in clumps of 4 and cutting them in the middle. This will give you 2 sets of 4. You now have legs for 2 spiders. If your paint or eyes are still drying go ahead and twist the center of the pipe cleaners together till the center is secure and no pipe cleaners slip out. My pipe cleaners were a little prickly on the edges so I folded them over an 1/8″ on each end so that they wouldn’t hurt anyone in my kids class.
STEP 4: Now that everything is dry and your legs are ready put a generous glob of glue right where the clothespin bends down and squeeze the center of your legs down till they are wedged by the hinge and glue.
STEP 5: Add the pom poms to the top of your clothespin. I generously glued the head first then a second pom pom then lastly my larger size pom pom to the “butt” of the spider. Set aside the spiders not to fully dry.
STEP 6: They should be looking almost complete at this point. While the spiders finish drying, go ahead and fill your snack bags with whatever treat you want. I chose Lucky Charms and used a half cup in every snack size ziploc bag.
STEP 7: Once your treat bags are filled and your spiders are dry you are ready to combine the two! Fold the top of your snack bag down and shake your treats to the right and left of the bag leaving the middle empty. Open the clothespin and squeeze the middle of the bag between the opening in the clothespin and close it.
You now have Halloween Clothespin Treat Spiders! You can stop right here, but I didn’t. At the last minute I started thinking, “what are the kids (or parents) going to do with the spider after the treat is gone?” Then I made the decision to add magnets to the bottom of the clothespins. Now once the treat is eaten they can still be use the spiders as a clip on the fridge!
All in all the craft was cheap, easy and quick! Which for me made it all treat with no trick. Happy Halloween!
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