Where Do You Get Your Best Workout?

Where Do You Get Your Best Workout?

As the weather becomes warmer, I see more and more people going for a run outside. I live in a nice neighborhood, with nice jogging trails nearby, yet to me, that just isn’t enough to motivate me to exercise. To be completely honest, even when it was cold out, and having a treadmill in the house, I wish I could say I used it, but it sat there judging me instead.

Logically, this sounds like a great exercise situation! It's convenient and it doesn’t require a membership fee. So what’s my problem?!! I’ve discovered, that for me, my home is not where I am motivated to exercise. I work a full time job and when I get home, I’m in mommy mode, dinner prep mode, homework helping mode, bedtime story reading mode, and then relaxing mode… never do I get into “pumped up and sweaty” mode. Not at home anyway.

It’s the energy and the environment, I think, that a good gym has that motivates me, and I finally realized THAT’S OKAY! It’s OKAY to not be a frequent runner in your own neighborhood, It’s OKAY if the gym is not your scene, and it’s OKAY if you don’t want attention from a Personal Trainer. BUT it’s also OKAY if you do! So I challenge you to answer these questions honestly (to yourself of course) and keep an open mind about trying a new workout scene!


When Working Out, Do You Prefer To Be:
1. Left Alone
2. Another Face in the Crowd
3. One-on-One Attention

If You Picked:
1. Try Working out At Home – If you work in a job that requires a lot of daily interaction and communication with either your co-workers or clients. As a result, not having to put on that polite smile you’ve been wearing all day, despite how you actually feel, can be a necessary key in having a successful workout. Going for a run, by yourself, in your neighborhood, on your own terms, might be the best environment for you.
2. Try Working out In a Gym – In a good gym, there is high energy, music playing, different machines or free weights available. You can learn from watching others around you, and try different exercises without the spotlight being on you.
3. Try Working out With a Personal Trainer – If you prefer being given specific instructions and being held accountable for your goals, or if you have a need for a customized routine because of a goal or an ailment you have, a personal trainer may be what you need.


What Is Your PRIMARY Requirement To Workout:
1. Energy
2. Motivation
3. Opportunity

If You Picked:
1. Try Working out In a Gym – If you’re motivated and determined, but you are lacking in energy, the gym’s high-impact environment can help boost that for you.
2. Try a Personal Trainer – Look for a personal trainer you know will not accept any excuses and will keep you motivated.
3. Try Working out at Home – Look for the little opportunities you may not of thought of before. Such as a 15 minute walk before the kids wake, crunches during commercials, run up and down the stairs (quietly of course) for 15 minutes after the kids are in bed. Little opportunities like these can make a big difference!


How Much Money Do You Budget For Health/Fitness:
1. None
2. Some
3. Whatever It Takes

If You Picked:
1. Try Working out At Home – I know this isn’t rocket science, but let’s be honest, money can often dictate what our options are. Some people just don’t want to spend the money, and some people don’t have anything extra in the budget to put towards fitness expenses. Let’s get creative then! You are not limited to just a run or a walk around the neighborhood. Record a Zumba, Yoga, or Pilates show on your DVR that may interest you so you always have a variety of new workouts to try. YouTube is also a great place to search for new workout routines you can try, including personal trainer tips.
2. Try a Gym, but don’t write-off a Personal Trainer – Shop around! Gyms are not hard to come by, so do your research and find one that works within your budget. Look for deals that require little to no sign-up fees, or offer a few free personal training sessions at sign up.
3. Try It All! – That’s all I need to say about that one.

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