The Cleaning Authority Collects 100,700 Pounds of Food for Local Communities

The Cleaning Authority Collects 100,700 Pounds of Food for Local Communities

This summer, 124 locations of The Cleaning Authority participated in The Cleaning Authority CARES Summer Food Drive to collect food for those in need in their communities. Summer is known as the hungriest time of year for children because, with school out, children in need do not have the benefit of food programs at school.

Across North America, we collected 100,700 pounds of food. The collections were donated to local food banks and other organizations collecting food and will provide more than 83,917 meals.

Check out how these offices gave back to their communities!

The staff at The Cleaning Authority of Morristown, NJ show off their great collection!

The Cleaning Authority of Bowie, MD delivering their food to the Bowie Interfaith Pantry.

Participating offices of The Cleaning Authority will be collecting food again in late October. Learn how to get more involved here!
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