The Cleaning Authority Helps Those In Need With Food Donations

The Cleaning Authority Helps Those In Need With Food Donations

Throughout the Fall and Holiday seasons, 119 locations of The Cleaning Authority participated in The Cleaning Authority CARES Harvest Food Drive to collect food for those in need in their communities.

Across North America, we collected 11,600 bags for a total of 107,400 pounds of food. The collections were donated to local food banks and other organizations collecting food and will provide more than 89,500.

Check out how these offices gave back to their communities!

Thanksgiving charity event

The crew in Broadview Heights, OH collected 2,800 pounds of food.

Holiday food drive in Kentucky

In Northern Kentucky, the staff celebrated the holidays by donating their food to the local Regional Schools Program.

Denver holiday food drive

The Denver East office donated 85 bags of food to the Parker Task Force.

Participating offices of The Cleaning Authority will be collecting food again in late April. Learn how to get more involved here!

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