The Ultimate Cleaning Service Comparison Chart

The Ultimate Cleaning Service Comparison Chart

When you’re ready to hire a cleaning service, there is a lot to consider. Will you use a professional company or an independent cleaner? How do I choose which professional service is right for me?

When it comes to comparing things like the price, the services a company offers, and ultimately deciding if a housecleaning company will be worth it, you have a good amount of research ahead of you.

To help you make your cleaning service decision, we’ve created the ultimate comparison chart to help you decide what kind of cleaning service is right for you.

  • The Cleaning Authority
  • Other Franchised Cleaning Companies
  • Independent Cleaning Providers
  • Why is this important?
  • Are your housecleaners bonded and insured?
  • 99% of independent housecleaners DO NOT carry proper general liability and workers compensation insurance. If they fall, get hurt, break things or damage surfaces in your home, you or your homeowner’s insurance could be 100% liable.

  • Are your housecleaners background checked?
  • You can feel safe about The Cleaning Authority’s Professional Housecleaners entering your home because they’ve been thoroughly screened.

  • Are your housecleaners trained?
  • When all housecleaners are trained, it ensures high-quality service every time. At The Cleaning Authority, every Professional Housecleaner is thoroughly trained in our Detail Clean Rotation System.

  • Do your housecleaners work in teams?
  • A team provides more efficiency and a more thorough clean. When one person is cleaning a full home, it is more likely they will get tired, which could lead to things getting skipped or not cleaned properly.

  • Are multiple teams available?
  • Having multiple cleaning teams on staff allows more flexibility in scheduling opportunities and fewer cancellations due to staffing.

  • Will your housecleaners bring their own equipment?
  • This saves you money! You don’t need to buy cleaning supplies.

  • Are your house cleaners direct employees of your business?
  • This means they are protected by workers compensation insurance, unemployment, etc.

  • Do you pay payroll taxes?
  • Hiring a company that employs your house cleaners means that they are responsible for payroll taxes. Other scenarios could mean you are required by the IRS to file a Schedule H.

  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee policy?
  • If you are unsatisfied with your clean for any reason, a guarantee ensures that it will be re-cleaned to your satisfaction.

  • Are your housecleaners paid hourly?
  • Commission/percentage paid employees often feel they have to fly through “X” number of homes in a day to earn the salary they need. At The Cleaning Authority, we pay for the full amount of time spent in your home at a competitive rate.

  • Will you detail clean my home?
  • When your home is detail cleaned, it will stay cleaner longer. At The Cleaning Authority, we use our proven Detail Clean Rotation System to ensure that our homeowners are happy with the result of our work. It is designed to be thorough and detail-oriented, and to emphasize quality.

  • Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning products?
  • Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also safer for you, your family, and your pets. Each location of The Cleaning Authority uses cleaning products that are environmentally responsible or sustainable.

  • Will you perform a free in-home estimate?
  • An in-home estimate helps ensure they provide fair and accurate pricing. This also helps develop a relationship between our franchise owners and their customers.

Ready to hire your housecleaner? Visit The Cleaning Authority to find the location nearest to you and get a free online estimate!

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