Our Review: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Part 2

Our Review: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Part 2

Can’t get enough of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Us either!

If you need to get caught up, check out our review of the first half of the season. We’ve finished the season and reviewed the second half with our favorite highlights and additional tips to help you get your home Marie Kondo approved!

Episode 5: From Students to Improvements

  • Right from the beginning, we see the shared closet is a problem. Frank and Matt could have used our closet organization tips!
  • Frank loves to cook, but hates being in their kitchen because of the mess. These easy tips to organize their kitchen would help.
  • Both Frank and Matt mention that chores were not enforced in their homes as children. Giving your children chores around the house can create life-long habits of keeping clean.
  • The couple did a number on their linen closet to get it organized as well. Check out our tips on linen closet organization.

Breaking Free from a mountain of stuff

  • The Mattison family is overcome by clutter. These habits would help them to remain clutter free.
  • There are toys everywhere in the Mattison home… lucky Ashton and Natalia! These toy organization hacks would help them keep things under control.
  • The garage is filled with storage. These tips on organizing the garage would help the Mattison family.

Episode 7: Making room for baby

  • With two dogs, Clarissa and Mario may need some tips on keeping the house clean with pets.
  • When it comes to paper items, you can probably get rid of plenty. But, it’s important to know what to keep and how to organize it.
  • As an expectant mother, Clarissa could really use the help of a professional housecleaning service.

Episode 8: When two messes become one

  • Angela and Alishia need to get organized. They definitely could benefit from some of these organization tools.
  • When the couple is cleaning through their kitchen, taking a look through expired spices is on the list. Did you know that you should replace spices once a year?
  • Organizing their pet’s stuff is on Angela and Alishia’s list. Check out our tips on how to store pet supplies.
Once you’ve Marie Kondo’d your home, why not spark even more joy in your home? We’re here to help with that! Visit The Cleaning Authority today for a free online estimate.
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