Make an Everyday Garden Arrangement

Make an Everyday Garden Arrangement

For Earth Day and National Garden Month this year, create a floral arrangement from naturally occurring trees and shrubs or plantings in your yard/garden. If you have kids at home, let each of them create their own arrangement. Gather the items shown before you start to make the project easier and more organized.

What you’ll need:

  • Container for your arrangement

  • Scissors or garden cutters

  • Water to fill your container when completed

  • Various cuttings from around your yard and garden

  • Ribbon (Optional)

While not many flowers may be blooming yet, consider the greenery available. Combining different textures can lead to a striking arrangement.

Also look at your trees and shrubs – are there interesting colors or leaf shapes? Are any of them blooming or have interesting seed pods?

Find any blooms from the first bulbs of spring – daffodils, hyacinths, and maybe even tulips, depending on where you are.

And don’t forget to consider even the smallest bloom as a possibility.

Lay out what you have gathered with the container so you can see what you have to work with.

Start your composition with a foundational piece – this would be considered the backbone of your arrangement. The spruce is an excellent piece for this due to its sturdiness.

What cuttings do you have that are the tallest? The cherry tree cutting is perfect because it is stout and will stand on its own. It also brings some delicacy to the arrangement.

Step back and look at what you have. A spot in the front is perfect for any blooms so that they are front and center. Go ahead and insert what you have, ensuring a nice blend for balance.

Finish off your arrangement by inserting the remaining sprays you have, considering their height and how they show up alongside the other pieces.

Do you want to create a gathering of items with your arrangement? You might look for some small stones and balance them around the container, finishing off with a sprinkling of the violets on or around the rocks.

Consider adding a ribbon to your container, add in any remaining greenery, and add water to keep your arrangement fresh. Enjoy your creation. Happy Earth Day and Happy Gardening Month! The Cleaning Authority contributes to Earth Day by providing clean homes. Clean homes. Clean earth.

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