Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Car

Tips and Tricks to Organize Your Car

A 2019 study conducted by OnePoll market research company found that on average, American drivers spend approximately 18 days a year driving, or about eight hours and 22 minutes per week. With how much time we spend in our car, it is inevitable that our car begins to reflect just that, with increased crumbs, dirt, dog hair and more!

The first week of October is National Get Organized Week, and in honor of the holiday, we challenge you to organize your car with these easy tips to a mess-free car.

The Glove Compartment: Organize all your important car documents into a small expanded file folder. Categorize your important documents by: Registration, Car Insurance Cards and Information, Owner Manuals, Maintenance Receipts, and Miscellaneous Receipts, for items you may need to return or hold onto! Additionally, store an empty medicine bottle for an easy place to store pocket change.

Console Area:

Store your everyday car essentials in small labeled zippered pouches that sit in your center console. Keep small items such as lip balm and gum or mints in one pouch, hand sanitizer and tissues in one, and charging cords in another. This leaves extra room to throw in your sunglasses on a rainy day, keep a spare mask handy, or easy access to your phone charger when your battery falls dangerously low.

Line your cup holders with silicone muffin liners to keep them from sticky spills or leaks. Once a month (or more as needed) remove the liners and clean.

On the floor, keep an empty cereal storage container lined with a grocery bag for a convenient trash receptacle.

Backseat: Do you have children or pets? Keep your kids’ stuff in one easy place with a repurposed over the door shoe organizer. Utilize the various cubbies for your child’s toys, tissues, extra diapers, snacks, baby wipes, or anything else that may keep them occupied during a long car ride!

If you have a pet, purchase a car seat cover that hooks from the front seats to the back, providing a comfortable solution for your furry friend while protecting your seats from hair and scratches.

Trunk: It’s important to always be prepared for an emergency! Keep a storage bin or basket in your trunk, equipped with a first aid kit, jumper cables, roadside emergency toolkit, flashlight (and extra batteries!), blankets or warm clothes, snacks and water bottles, and paper towels in case things get messy!

Another great organizer is a collapsible trunk storage tote, with multiple compartments so you can throw in your kid’s cleats and soccer ball from a game right next to the groceries you picked up for tonight’s dinner!

A cleaning hack - keep a clean shampoo cap in your car to wrap around any dirty shoes after a day of running in the mud!

Now that your car is clean, jump in for your next adventure! While you are out having fun with your friends and family, we’ll take care of your cleaning needs at home!

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