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Detail-clean rotation system

At The Cleaning Authority, we train all of our Professional Housecleaners on our Detail-Clean Rotation System. This system ensures that our customers will always be happy with the result of your hard work.

Our system has proven effective in over twenty million cleans.

The Detail-Clean Rotation System is designed to be thorough and detail-oriented, while emphasizing quality. Being trained on our cleaning system also makes it easier for you as you will do the same cleaning tasks in each home you service.

"The Cleaning Authority has a great training program. Once you're trained, you just go through the process and do what you've been taught." -Natalia Diaz, Fort Bend

During the first two weeks in the office, you will work through our training program, which includes watching training videos as well as learning on the job with our trainers. Once you are completed the two weeks, you will be an expert in our Detail-Clean Rotation System.

Keeping Your Home Cleaner with Our Detail-Clean Rotation System

We use a careful system to deep clean each of your rooms on a rotating basis. This ensures your home is always thoroughly cleaned, from the areas you use daily to that hard to clean grout!

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Every Time We Clean

  • Tile walls, bathtubs, and showers cleaned
  • Shower doors cleaned
  • Vanity and sink cleaned

Rotating Basis

  • Tile grouting scrubbed
  • Shower door given extra attention
  • Doors and door frames hand wiped
  • Knickknacks individually cleaned

And More