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  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Lacey and Kaitlyn do a really nice job in cleaning my house. They are very thorough and friendly. The price is right also.”

    - Caroline

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I love The Cleaning Authority and I love having a clean house. WOW, Brittany, Anastasia & Desirae did an awesome job today! Everything was cleaned so well. They are so professional and hard working! I really appreciate all the hard work they all do. Thank you all!”

    - Sandy

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Really pleased with the cleaning performed today by Angela and Allison. My wife will be happy!”

    - Cliff

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “My team is always courteous & polite. They are efficient in cleaning my house in a timely & coordinated manner. My team is led by Katelyn. Today she had Sharon & Jenyca assisting. We are please with the service. Thank you.”

    - Elaine

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I have been using the Cleaning Authority to clean my home for several years. Trish, Kristina and Delia do a fantastic job every time. They are pleasant and professional to work with. Thank you!”

    - Finley

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I needed assistance to get my house clean and discussed this with an acquaintance who recommended this company. I am very happy with the service. It is wonderful to come home to a clean house and frees me up for other commitments. Thank you, Andrea, Gabbie and Ana!”

    - Phyllis

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “My local TCA does a pretty good job, the price is right and I like the girls that come to my house.”

    - Anne

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I want to commend every single cleaning team that has come to my house. Not only have they provided great cleaning service, but they have been so polite, gentle and respectful. That makes a big difference, and I wish every other service industry would follow these standards. Thank you.”

    - Susana

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Our clean today was exceptional! Well worth the fee.”

    - Byron H.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Krystle, Cristen, Abby and Gaby did a great job today at my house. They took the time to clean my house in the way that I wish for it to be cleaned, and Krystle made sure it’s done to perfection. Thank you! So glad I found this company!”

    - Gail V.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Thanks Tiffany and Kasi! House looks great! Appreciate y'all!”

    - Jennifer

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Sandra and Lisa did a great job cleaning our home!”

    - Darlene P.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Ashley & Danielle did a great job today. They always do great work. I love having a clean home. Thank you The Cleaning Authority!”

    - Sandy H.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Cristen and Alishia are very hard workers and a joy to have in my home. I really appreciate coming home after a hard days work to a lovely clean house.”

    - Catherine H.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Great job as usual!”

    - Byron Harris

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The crew was prompt, courteous and attentive. I had one issue, but it was quickly and thoroughly addressed by management. I can't wait for the second clean!”

    - Kristin Canga

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I needed someone to clean my house and get it ready for company. The cleaning ladies did a good job. I appreciated that I could do other things on my lists to make sure everything was ready.”

    - Patti

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Our cleaning team is quite thorough,very professional, and very friendly. They walk in and they get down to business. We are very satisfied with the completed job.”

    - Tim Stotts

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Prompt, courteous and trustworthy! I've only had one visit and the job was satisfactory!”

    - Sam L.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “The Cleaning Authority does a fantastic job of cleaning my home. I have been using for about a year now and I love them. The office staff makes it easy for me to reschedule when something comes up unexpected. I love how my home sparkles when they are done cleaning. ”

    - Lorraine G.

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “Professional, affordable, efficient, and more. Had service with them for 2 years and I have not had a complaint yet for them. Recommend them to all my friends and family. ”

    - Katrina

  • The Cleaning Authority

    “I initially contracted your franchise because of the use of green products. I have always been pleased with the great customer service. Your office staff is great, and the cleaning staff do a thorough job. In addition, I'd like to tell Bill and Morgan how moved I was by your heartfelt letter regarding 9/11. Kudos to you for your wonderful commitment to a worthy cause. Knowing that your business model is so admirable makes me proud to be your customer. Finances allowing, I will be for life. ”

    - Donna W.