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Just began using the Mt. Airy location and am very pleased. Love coming home to a sparkling clean house.
The cleaning crew did a good job. My wife and I have realized that we should have hired this type of service decades ago. We were already working the 9-5 Mon-Fri routine and then we worked on Sat to clean the house. Had we hired a cleaning company, we would have had much more time to spend together as a family, especially after we had children. We are working class people with very low to regular hourly salaries but the cost of this service is low enough that we can afford it. I urge everyone to at least get an estimate to clean your house as you may be surprised by how inexpensive it is. We don't have any plans for this weekend yet, but we're not wasting our time with house cleaning.
We have just started with the Cleaning Authority. Their first cleaning was great and their customer service is wonderful also!
The people coming in to clean are not only good at their job but so professional!
Please bear with me as I gush profusely about the service I received today. I have never submitted feedback to any service provider before, so I want to ensure that my absolute astonishment and gratitude is indisputably and absolutely clear. It's really important to me that my appreciation is so great that I want this commentary to make the same indelible impression on your leaders that the stellar service Team 7 made on me today. Team 7 (Tiffany and Patty) cleaned my home this morning and did an absolutely superb job! While I've been generally satisfied with the cleaners. So, to date I've had a neutral to decent experience. However, every once in a while I must have the luck of the draw and your truly stellar, professional and superstar teams provide the cleanings. Patty and Tiffany did that today, and in addition to having my thanks, they also spurred me to provide this feedback (again, something I have not ever done before .) The superlative service they provided shouldn't go unrecognized, and their efforts compelled me to take few minutes to let you know that these ladies provided service that reflects 100 percent positively on your company. Patty and Tiffany are the type of team that not only keeps me as a customer, but also give me a reason to recommend your services to everyone I know. I recognize that such superstars are a rarity, but if you could find a way to have today's team 7 train everyone else on what a good cleaning looks like, and can recognize them as the all-stars and professionals that everyone can strive to emulate, you would have to be one of the success story among all Cleaning Authority franchisees and corporate locations for they loyalty rate among your customers who attribute the permanent business they have with you to being consistently impressed by teams like Patty and Tiffany. In fact, if your teams consistently provide service on par with team 7-level thoroughness and professionalism, I will literally acquire additional services as an ongoing gift to my parents, and my in-laws. I will absolutely recommend your services to any and every one. When I first needed to find a cleaning service, my colleagues provided the most valuable recommendations-and warnings-about cleaning services in Carroll, Frederick and Howard county area. And now, I will not only profess my loyalty to you all, but as a former Merry Maids customer, I can also promise anyone who asks that there is no way to describe how much better the Cleaning Authority is because of folks like Patty and Tiffany. Please extend my deepest thanks to Tiffany and Patty and, please let them know how genuinely and completely impressed I am with the absolutely amazing and professional job they did today-and that they really do set a very high standard! They are the reason I plan on recommending the Cleaning Authority to everyone I can. Brava ladies!! I hope that this type of quality service does become the standard for all of your teams!
They do a very professional job!
I just had to write and give Team #11 my compliments on the fantastic job they did cleaning my house yesterday! Although all the teams have been great, you can see the extra effort and little touches they do really makes a difference and shows throughout the home! Please thank Carolyn and Brittany M. for me and let them know what a great job they did!! Thank you again for your excellent services.
I just wanted to share how very pleased we were with today's cleaning. It was extremely evident that this team took care in cleaning our home- for that we are appreciative and welcome them back any time;-) Additionally, I appreciated the team's professionalism. With schools being off, we arrived home before they were done. They were quick to explain where they had already cleaned and what areas were next. I greatly appreciated this with the four year old and five month old in hand, as I decided where to place them and stay out of the team's way.
It is not often that someone totally exceeds your expectations. I can't say enough about Tee and her team. She is a powerhouse. I will certainly recommend your service to anyone who asks.
I was super happy with my cleaning last Monday! This is a very busy time of year for your business so I was impressed to see that the girls were so upbeat and positive, working efficiently. I'm usually at my job when the team arrives so I was happy to meet some of the people who work for you guys! They represent your company well!!
I was very impressed with the lead/trainer that came to the house for our first clean. Very professional, friendly and detail oriented. I was very happy after coming home from work to a clean house. Thank you!
Loved the video from The Cleaning Authority! This is the perfect opportunity to let you know that we love your service! It is such a relief to come home after a clean and see my house in such great shape with all the little extra touches. You all are amazing and greatly appreciated! I wonder if the ladies would look at me funny if I hugged them like the woman does in the video. I can tell you that I certainly feel like hugging them! Thanks for everything!
As a cleaning nut, I was brought up with 4 brothers, being the only girl in an Italian family - it was assumed that I would do the household cleaning. Where was equal rights when you needed it? My point is, I know how to clean. That being said, your staff did a super job. All the gals were very efficient and hospitable. If anyone in my neighborhood asks who cleaned my house - I will definitely recommend you. My daughter, who had her home cleaned by your company, highly recommended you. Believe it or not, my daughter is anal about cleaning - worse than me! She grew up with 2 brothers who also take care of their homes very nicely - good thing too in today's society - equal rights!
My husband and I are so pleased with our first two cleanings. What a difference from our previous company. We are so happy that we made the change. Thanks.
I just wanted to say thank you for accomodating my needs on Friday. It wasn't more than 10 minutes after the girls left my house that my daughter called to say she and the new in-laws to be would be arriving in about one-half hour. The girls did a great job in cleaning. Thank you very much.