New Reviews Request Program Introduced to Franchisees

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Whether it be on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or another listing site, online reviews have become critical for businesses. Many consumers now make their decisions on what they purchase or what services they use based on the reviews they find online.

Because many consumers are looking at reviews to decide on a home service business to work with, The Cleaning Authority’s marketing department recently launched a new program to help franchisees build the number of positive reviews they have online on sties like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Different milestones in service or actions by The Cleaning Authority’s customers will now trigger automated emails to them, seeking for feedback on the service they are receiving. It’s important for The Cleaning Authority franchisees to have visibility in to customer satisfaction. Our franchise owners strive to deliver exceptional service, but they aren’t the ones providing that service day to day. They are entrusting their teams of professional housecleaners to get the job done in their customers’ homes. This program allows us to learn from constructive feedback (collected via internal survey) and leverage positive feedback (by encouraging online sharing).

This program will help build positive reviews on our franchise’s listing sites, helping to build their reputation, while helping to minimize the number of negative reviews.