Meet our Franchisee: Jim Campbell

The Cleaning Authority Franchise Owner: Jim Campbell

For nearly 30 years Jim Campbell has lived in the Dallas area, after pursuing a promotion while working for Fortune 500 companies. From marketing and sales to managerial roles, Jim has gained experience in numerous fields within a business. After years of travel heavy work, Jim is ready to spend some time at home and run his own business.

Jim was attracted to the idea of starting and building a successful business of his own, the scalability of The Cleaning Authority model, and the eventual opportunity of semi-absentee or absentee ownership. Jim believes that the skills he has developed over his 30 years of experience will successfully be implemented within the franchise model. He has built out several staffs throughout his career and is experienced in hiring and growing a team.

When presented with numerous franchise options, Jim vetted down potential brands to models that he felt suited his skills. One of the major appeals of The Cleaning Authority was the corporate team’s professionalism.

Jim is very optimistic about opening the business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As more and more corporations and businesses pour into the Dallas-Fort Worth region, housing areas and populations are booming – perfect for a house cleaning service company like The Cleaning Authority!