Meet our Franchisee: Andy Stecher

The Cleaning Authority Franchise Owner: Andy Stecher

Andy Stecher recently purchased The Cleaning Authority serving Chicago’s North Shore. Previously, Andy was the President and CEO of a German Manufacturing company called PlasmaTreat. As a hired executive of a globally operated company, Andy traveled internationally, overseeing the manufacturing of components in the machinery industry.

Although he enjoyed his time there, he began to grow weary of corporate life and international travel. Andy has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and saw the many positive attributes of franchising, so he began to research opportunities in the industry. “I learned about The Cleaning Authority from a friend who is also a franchisee of the brand and doing well with the business,” he said. “We met for lunch in the Chicagoland area, and at this point I was looking to get out of corporate life and start my own business.”

Andy was drawn to The Cleaning Authority because it is a process-based business. “Being in the manufacturing business, there are always steps to complete the process. The Cleaning Authority’s business structure is easily laid out and plays into the skillset that I have honed and developed while working for PlasmaTreat,” he said.

He believes The Cleaning Authority’s business model and franchisee support is impressive and that the brand will provide a great service for locals in Chicago North Shore and surrounding areas. “Cleaning is a reoccurring and consistently needed service,” Andy said. “Since the North Shore is an upper middle class, affluent area, the residents of the community I am serving are more inclined to use outside services.”