Meet our Franchisee: Felix Rivera

The Cleaning Authority Franchise Owner: Felix Rivera

Felix Rivera, a retired Sergeant First Class with the U.S. Army, is looking forward to moving into a new career by opening The Cleaning Authority of El Paso. Felix, who has a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in IT, served in the Army for more than 21 years working on helicopters.

After retiring from the military in April 2001, Felix went on to work for General Dynamics, where he worked with communications equipment for the military. “I thought I needed a change,” Felix said. “I'd been working with the military for almost 40 years. So, I want to do something totally different and saw this opportunity with The Cleaning Authority. I thought they had something I can work with.”

Felix had always thought about owning his own business, so when he got a call from a franchise consultant, it was almost fate. “I’d never thought about franchising, but I filled out their questionnaire with 100 some odd questions, if not more, and he showed me four franchises that he thought I’d be interested in.”

After going through the options, Felix decided The Cleaning Authority was the right fit for him. “I think the system that they have works. Every franchisee I talked to said the system works,” he said. “They also said the franchise supports us, helps us throughout, and develops us. I discovered through my research this was not the case with all franchises.”

Another determining factor for Felix came from seeing the need for a quality cleaning service in his area. “On our neighborhood app, people are always looking for cleaners,” he said. “Additionally, they’re looking for bonded and insured people. That's what people always talk about. They want to make sure they have somebody in the house that will clean up and they have confidence in.”

Felix is excited to switch gears to a new career where he can thrive with the help of the franchise system around him.