Meet our Franchisees: Tom and Sherry McGrath

The Cleaning Authority Franchise Owners: Tom and Sherry McGrath

After 20 years in the Navy, Tom McGrath is excited to take on business ownership by purchasing The Cleaning Authority of Broken Arrow, OK.

Tom who has degrees in IT, Cyber Security, and Business, and Sherry who works in customer support in the real estate industry, decided they were ready for a new challenge. “We’ve been wanting to own our own business for quite a long time,” Sherry said. “After looking at a number of other businesses, we decided to start doing due diligence on The Cleaning Authority.”

The McGraths also wanted a change in environment, “We wanted to get out of the corporate world and work together,” Sherry said. “Also, we wanted to create something that we can sustain and then, as we retire, have management in place that we can still be drawing income from. We’re looking at it as an investment in our future.”

Once they began looking deeper into The Cleaning Authority, it became clear to them that it was the right fit. “We liked the model, the motivation, and support,” Tom said. “We appreciated that we were encouraged to do our due diligence and speak with other franchisees who were owners.” They were also glad to hear about the great communication and collaboration between The Cleaning Authority and its franchisees.

Tom and Sherry are excited to open their business in Broken Arrow and are excited to provide excellent service to the community.