Meet our Franchisee: John Clark

The Cleaning Authority Franchise Owner: John Clark

After spending his career working for others in a corporate structure, John Clark is ready to get into business for himself by opening The Cleaning Authority of Southeast Raleigh.

John graduated from NC State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering. “I got started doing process improvement for a precast concrete manufacturer. I became a quality manager and then transferred to Charleston, South Carolina to become a plant manager. I ran that facility for four years. That was really my first taste of being in charge of everything, but I wasn't a huge fan of the corporate structure we had,” he said.

While John had a good job, he did not feel like it was professionally fulfilling. He started to brainstorm about the direction he wanted to go in with his future when he received an e-mail through Indeed from a franchise broker. “He really led me through the process and we looked at several franchise options,” John said. “I ended up picking The Cleaning Authority after going through the Discovery Process.”

While validating, John heard a lot of good things about The Cleaning Authority model. The Detail-Clean Rotation System was also a big selling point. “With the mailers and other things in place, the marketing is done for you, and it works,” John said. “Some of the other franchise systems don't have that, and I felt like that really played to my strengths and made up for my deficiencies.”

John is looking forward to getting out of the corporate world and starting his new career as a business owner with The Cleaning Authority of Southeast Raleigh.