How to Start a Cleaning Business with Success

Owning a cleaning service franchise might not seem like the most glamourous profession, but the business opportunities for entrepreneurs will make it worth it. Once the pandemic hit, the cleaning industry was one of few that exploded with success.

The Cleaning Industry is estimated at $308.7 billion and residential cleaning shows a 20% growth year over year with almost 80% of households expected to use cleaning services by 2024. This is a substantial amount of growth and is ready for you to own a part of this booming industry.

The Cleaning Authority keeps up with the growth and has been for more than 25 years. With proven systems, it promotes a work-life balance for all owners and has set them up for success. Let’s look at how they can help you as an owner.
Becoming an owner of a lucrative industry is extremely exciting, especially when franchising. As a Cleaning Authority franchise owner, we will assist you with keeping up with the industry trends by:

• Developing your team with continued education and training
• Overseeing operations
• Having success through local and nationwide marketing

Meet Randy Blubaugh

In 2021 his business BOOMED and had an increase in service! To keep up with business and stay on top as a cleaning service he hired a bilingual recruiting manager to keep up with their social media and events. Through that, he eventually hired his wife as…. VP of Fun! She helps maintain a great work culture, social media events, and managing people’s birthdays and anniversaries.

They have found great success and kept up with the evolving cleaning industry and have found ways to attract more customers by keeping up with social media trends.

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