How to Quit your Job and Own a Business of Your Dreams

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Dreaming about being your own boss? Have you always wanted to wake up, get coffee, and not have to go into a cubicle? Owning The Cleaning Authority is a perfect business opportunity for you. You get to mix business with lifestyle with an 8-5, Monday-Friday business model that supports semi-absentee ownership. What’s not to like?

Let’s look at what you need to do to start your investment in the cleaning industry today. The Cleaning Authority is not only scalable, meaning that you get to grow at your own pace, but it also provides re-occurring revenue. Managing your own business can be difficult, but The Cleaning Authority is with you every step of the way.

Many common questions you may have is “Do I now have to go into houses and clean for my clients”

The answer to this is, NO! As a franchise owner, you will hire staff to do the cleaning while you manage the business strategy. Being a franchise owner also means, having operations and marketing staff behind you that help you hire, train, and retain the cleaners that will do these jobs for you. You get to be an entrepreneur without starting from scratch. Some advantages you receive as a franchise owner with The Cleaning Authority are:

  • Brand recognition
  • Training programs for both you and your staff
  • Cutting-edge industry software

By being your own boss and investing in the cleaning industry, you do not need prior industry experience, in fact, over 60% of our franchise owners hold MBAs and come from corporate leadership backgrounds. The Cleaning Authority prides itself in our training programs in which we train our franchise owners in the classroom even before their business opens. This way, we can teach you the best operational practices.

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