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The very first cleaning was so thorough that now it seems like it's always clean! We are a company working out of a residential home and they have provided excellent service so far! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good, deep clean.
I was blown away at how good my house looked when the ladies were done. I would recommend this service to anyone I know. Great job!!!
The ladies did a wonderful job and we look forward to the next cleaning day! So nice to have my home fresh and clean on a regular basis with no worries for me!!
They did a great job of cleaning and dusting our home! The bathrooms were spotless and the entire house smelled great and was clean. I recommend this company for those working families who don't have time to clean the way you would like to.
We started using The Cleaning Authority a couple of months ago and it's made a huge difference. We have 3 kids, one dog and one cat. Both my husband and I work full time so neither of us wants to spend weekends cleaning. The Cleaning Authority handles all the things that really take up time - cleaning all the bathrooms, floors, kitchen appliances. I no longer come home from work grouchy that my house needs "a good cleaning" and their prices are unbeatable.
We were very pleased with our first experience. Looking forward to a long relationship.
The team does a great job of keeping my home sparking clean!
The Cleaning Authority does a great job keeping our home clean at a reasonable price. All of the employees are courteous and are hard workers. We give them two thumbs up.
Excellent first clean. Excited to have a clean house!
We completed a flooring project prior to starting our relationship with The Cleaning Authority. The ladies that were sent to our house did an AMAZING job on getting our house back in order and cleaned. At the end of the day, after going through all of the aggravation with the flooring job, it was wonderful to look around our house and it be spotless thanks to Lupita and Alejandra.
The initial thorough cleaning was amazing. This house has never been this clean!
The cleaning crew did an amazing job getting our house back where it needed to be!
First experience was better than expected.
Cleaning Authority has cleaned my house only one time so far but I can tell that their employees are well trained in what they do. I am very happy with them.
I contacted The Cleaning Authority because I needed some help! The first thing this company does is meet you in your home and go over all of the items that you want addressed. Then they set up a schedule that is customized to your needs. I wasn't pressured to "buy" and the honesty is what sold me. So far, I love it! Then why only 4-stars? Truth is that they have only been to my house one time so far, so I'd like to keep the 5th star for a future review!
For decades, I've asked my house cleaners to do a weekly general cleaning of the house, and rotate in deeper cleaning in certain areas. No one has ever complied with my request, despite all my best efforts. Now comes along the Cleaning Authority and this is their business model! And because their business model is every other week, instead of weekly, I'm not actually paying anymore than I used to. My house is cleaner than it has ever been. I do a very little bit of cleaning myself on the off week. I am overjoyed that I finally found a company that I like.
The Cleaning Authority cleaned everything. My house is so clean. I can't wait to have them come again. I love having a dustless, clean home. Thank you!
The cleaning performed was better than any we have had done in the past. I would recommend TCA.
A few small details were missed. But everything else was GREAT! The cleaners were nice and did a great job on the shower.
The ladies came in and got right into cleaning. When they got done the house looked great.
We were very pleased with our initial deep clean. I have had many cleaning services over the years but never experienced the attention to detail from the consultation appointment to the cleaning itself. This company is very professional and we look forward to seeing how well they do on a regular basis. Great job! I would definitely recommend their services so far.
Our first clean was so thorough, I was impressed and very satisfied with the job done by Alejandra and Reyna. They were so nice, and really took the time to get our home looking super clean. I wish they could come every time. :)
I was very happy with my Initial Clean. You are WAY better than my previous service!
We are very happy with the work your team does. Thank you for working us into your schedule.
My husband is in awe & he usually doesn't really notice! Thank you again.
I have had a cleaning service before, but they have NEVER cleaned my house the way you cleaned. They did an amazing job! I would like to ask if I could have you come every week?
The team did a FANTASTIC JOB! They cleaned stains on my porcelain that my wife and I could not remove. They got to areas that I could not even imagine. This was a gift for my wife and she was thrilled!
I just wanted to thank Team 9 for a job well done! Not only did they thoroughly clean my home but took time to do the little extras that make a big difference to me - like putting the pillows on the bed, stacking the books in the bath and even cleaning the base of my electric toothbrush!
I have never seen a crew that works more efficiently than your team in my whole life. They were professional, nice, efficient, and worked very well. They do an excellent job! My husband is even able to see how nice a job they do, and it's very hard for him to notice things. It is a pleasure having them in my home.
The ladies are always so sweet and fix my daughter's crib up so nicely. I feel like they go out of their way to be respectful of our things. Thank you!
It was wonderful having you back!!! I love my clean house. I was going through the house applauding afterwards. I really do love you guys and your service!
I wanted to pay a compliment about the cleaning team that came to our house yesterday! They really did an outstanding job. They did several things I would not have expected. For one, they dusted an interior window ledge that is high up above our front door! It looks so much nicer. The other thing is that they put new clean sheets on my son's bed and made it for him. My son had a little accident on the sheets yesterday morning and I stripped the bed, but didn't have time to put clean sheets on. I assumed the cleaning team would just pull the cover over the bed. But instead they actually put clean sheets on! Especially nice since I wasn't looking forward to doing it when my son was whining about bedtime!
Great Job! The girls were really nice and professional. My husband is usually not comfortable with people in the house. But your girls made him feel really comfortable. Great Job overall!!!
We were thrilled with our first clean today! The team did wonderful. That's the cleanest my house has been in a long time! I was in and out all day, and they stayed out of my way. They were so courteous, polite, and respectful. They shut the vacuum cleaner off each time my husband was on the phone.
The crew that came in yesterday did a good job. As soon as I walked in the door I could smell how clean it was :) The area I really looked at of course was the small office with the kitty litter. I am happy to say that the area looked like I expected it to. And the wooden floors in the dining room and entry way looked great too. They also found things that had been knocked off dressers/counters by the cats and missing that I didn't even know were missing (a makeup brush, a hair barrette, ponytail holders, a penny, etc). The makeup brush had been missing for a few months since I hardly wear makeup anymore. Tell this team "Good job" for me. They deserve it!
I laid down to nap; and when I woke up, the house was clean! I didn't even hear the vacuum cleaner. My husband brought me to the kitchen and said I should look at the clean globes on the ceiling fan and the clean blades. I checked the rest of the cleaning, and they did do a fine job all over. I hope they can come again.
I was amazed with the clean yesterday! I am just sorry that I didn't signed up with you back in January when you first came to give me an estimate!
I was so happy with the team. The team went above and beyond to clean my home. They even pulled the sheets from the dryer and were courteous enough to make the beds. I am grateful and thankful for everything they did!
We are very satisfied with the service that we are receiving and the price is great as well! They are very organized and extremely detailed on what and when things will be cleaned. We would highly recommend them to our friends and family.
I just wanted to let you know how thankful we were to have a cleaning crew today who was able to quickly work around the madness of having holiday house guests. Thanks for sending over a third person to help out get it done today! Sólo quería hacerle saber lo agradecido que estan tener un equipo de limpieza hoy que fue capaz de trabajar rápidamente alrededor de la locura de tener invitados en casa. ¡Gracias por enviar una tercera persona para ayudar a terminar la limpieza!
I am very thankful and pleased with the cleaners. This year, my wife is having students over for a X-Mas party and this is the first time they have EVER felt confident opening the doors to them. We are very thankful and would like to express his appreciation to our team. David esta muy agradecido y contento con Tu equipo. Mencionó, que este año su esposa está teniendo la fiesta Navideña con sus estudiantes en su casa y esta es la primera vez que se han sentido confiados aperen abrir las puertas de su casa. Él está muy agradecido y quiere expresar su agradecimiento con Tu equipo.
Just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I am over the last cleaning on our house. The Team did an excellent job and spent time on small details. They made sure the house was all ready to hand over to the new owners. It has been nice having The Cleaning Authority clean for us the last several years. It is always nice to come home from work to a clean house. I give my thanks to you and all the teams who have taken care of us.
This is a shout out for the professional staff and services provided by The Cleaning Authority. I have nothing but praise for the outstanding job done at my home. They did an initial detailed clean of the whole house and in the future they will provide a rotation system of maintenance. At the end of the allotted time an inspector came out for a white glove inspection. How fine is that. They wanted to provide and excellent service and they did! Special thank you to each and every one of you. I so appreciate.
My house has never been this clean! Your cleaners are fantastic!
The teams do a great job. They are pleasant and professional the few times I've been here.
I have been extremely happy over the years!! Thank you for being flexible when we travel. That helps me a lot!
I am very satisfied. They are quick but thorough. The office staff has always been good too, even when I asked for any special help.
I am very picky, and I couldn't find anything wrong at all with their work. They were nice and very professional. They worked hard the entire time and were very thorough.
They worked so hard and never stopped! When I saw them cleaning the hinges on the inside of the doors I was amazed! I don't think they missed anything in the whole house!
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the service. It is always beautiful when I come home!
I think the crew does a wonderful job! Everyone that comes to my house comments how clean it always is.
The team arrived on time, worked very hard and were very thorough. I couldn't find anything wrong with the clean. The team was very professional and very pleasant. I would recommend you to others!