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I was pleasantly surprised that the teams sent to clean my house do exactly what is stated in the brochure. The women are very pleasant and go about the work efficiently. There were a couple of very minor details that I noticed had not been done. When I pointed them out the next date of service, they were added in my file to be sure that they would be addressed in the future. When I was having company, I was able to rearrange my dates of cleaning to suit my schedule. I have paid less to have a cleaning ladies come in, but I have never been totally satisfied. Less and less would be cleaned each time they came. To me, Cleaning Authority is worth the money.
I love the attention to detail that the Cleaning Authority provides. They go above and beyond to clean even the details in my home. They provide superior work and are very reasonably priced compared to other companies in the Chattanooga area
As always, the "girls" continue to impress me with the thoroughness and attention to details that most would not see. They are always friendly and diligent in their task. Often times, guests are impressed by the way my home is kept so neat and clean, for a single man, and my kudos are given to the staff from The Cleaning Authority, for making this happen. Thanks again, Alex and Sam, your efforts are most appreciated.
Once again, "the girls", Jenn & Alex, have done a wonderful job ! I think, I am pretty simple and "try" to keep up with my home. But the detail and thoroughness is unsurpassed with every cleaning. My friends and family are so impressed that my house is so CLEAN! I cannot take the credit myself, and own up to the efforts of, "The Cleaning Authority", that make me and my home a neat and clean place to live. It is always a pleasure to return home after their visit! Thanks, Alex and Jenn.
Thank you, ladies, for another thorough cleaning of my home. You are the BEST of the BEST!
My house looked amazing when I came home today. They took the extra time to do little things that made it feel so special when I got home from a long day at work. Thank you so much for caring about your work. It showed today.
As a widower, I could not be happier. Your service is excellent.
Thanks to Lilly and Beth for a very clean, ready to plan for Christmas, house!
The group that came today (Donna, Connie & Mimi) were absolutely wonderful. They were professional, courteous, and did a wonderful job cleaning. My house smells great, and looks even better. Thank you!!
My girls are fantastic. Not only does my house sparkle after each cleaning, they are very compassionate, caring and trustworthy. Thank you Cleaning Authority for having such loyal employees.
Thanks for making our home a very clean place to be.
I wanted to inform you that the team that cleaned today did a thorough job. I appreciate their hard work and attention to detail.
Very pleased with the professionalism and detail of work!
Donna & Christy are very thorough, polite, respectful & completely clean my home in a reasonable amount of time. Both of these ladies are an asset to your company. This team is the BEST! Thank you both for a great cleaning job. See you in 4 weeks!
Thank you for a great clean yesterday. my house looks great! I'm especially happy with how well my shower was cleaned. Thanks for all you do.
I cannot tell you enough how pleased we were with the first visit. Things were done that I have never had anyone else do. Very professional and thorough. I commend you for the training you have given your workers. I will recommend you highly!
Happy to have met all of the ladies that introduced themselves that day, and was left feeling very comfortable that they were in the house. Quite refreshing to see that the job was very well done, and completed in a timely manner.
I wish I had contacted you months and months ago! I continue to be amazed at the efficiency and friendliness of my Cleaning Authority ladies! AMAZING!!!!
Great job! What a pleasure it is to come home after a LONG day at work and find my house so clean! You guys really take a burden off of me. Thank you.
I absolutely LOVE the Cleaning Authority crew! The detail and pride applied when cleaning my home is as though I've cleaned myself. I'm truly happy having them in my home and trust each of them without me there. It's nice knowing I can come home to a clean house and have extra time and energy to spend with my family.
Another fabulous job at our home yesterday! I can't tell you how much we appreciate you guys! I was with a group of other Mommy's last night and raved about your services! And it isn't just the cleaning services, but the incredible customer service we have received. Hopefully I can send more business your way!
Kelly and Donna did a great job, as usual! I especially noticed how clean my shower looks and how good my kitchen counters look (all the many coffee stains gone!) We really appreciate your hard work at our house. Thank you!
Thank you, ladies, again for a thorough cleaning of our home. You ALWAYS do such a wonderful cleaning. All 3 of you are very much appreciated!!!
Amanda, Kelli and Stacy did a terrific job last week. And thanks for the free clean thru the referral program and My TCA rewards.
Today was my first cleaning and our house has not looked this good since we bought it! I've had 3 different cleaning services and nothing has compared to how my home looked when I walked in today - AWESOME! Keep up the good work! I'm telling all my friends!!!
Additional Comments:B & S cleaned here today ( 3/26/13 ) and I was very impressed. They were very efficient, did an excellent job cleaning and the house really looks great!! They are both very pleasant too. I'd recommend them highly for their work ethic and diligence. Thanks so much.
I can't praise you guys enough for the fabulous job you do on our home! Your pricing is economical, staff professional, and the quality of the work is outstanding. Using your service is one of the best things I've done! Many thanks for a job well-done, as usual!
I rolled up my sleeves to clean my daughter's room before she arrived for Thanksgiving. Guess what? There was no cleaning to be done. I was prepared to mop under the bed- DONE! under the dresser-DONE! under the trunk-DONE! Thank you for keeping our home so clean!
Thanks again, 'to our team' for the wonderful cleaning of our home. We have no complaints whatsoever. Thanks, ladies!!!!!!!
The best cleaning products are nothing without a professional (such as our girls) to apply them properly and these 2 ladies both know what they're doing. THANK YOU for a job WELL DONE!
My cleaners, Lilly and Michelle, have been doing a great job! Nice to come home and the house smells and looks great! Appreciate the printout of explanation of areas cleaned and areas to be addressed next visit. They always leave a nice notation to have a great day. I surely do!
We have been very pleased with The Cleaning Authority. Our team does an outstanding job and even my husband has noticed how thorough they are. I have been happy to recommend them to others which I have never been able to do with our previous cleaning help. I have also been appreciative that anytime we have needed an unscheduled cleaning, The Cleaning Authority has been willing to meet our needs very quickly.
I love the Cleaning Authority and recommend them to anyone that mentions cleaning their house. They are very flexible as I have called and left messages the day before a scheduled cleaning to re-schedule and they do so without a hassle.
I am so pleased with their work. From the first visit, They've done an absolutely splendid job. They are efficient, thorough and attentive to detail. When they've finished cleaning, I can look around my home with pride at the beautiful job they have done. I'm one very pleased customer.
I just wanted you to know that the Cleaning Authority has provided consistently fine service for me over the years. Thanks, and keep up the great work!