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The team does excellent work, thoroughly and reliably. The team chief is friendly, cooperative and takes on additional tasks with a smile. We can recommend them to others.
Excellent job in whole house. Claudia and Monica worked diligently and professionally to make house sparkle. Very pleased with job.
The first cleaning we had by The Cleaning Authority was very borough. It's a wonderful company!
The team did a very thorough job of cleaning my house. I wish I can afford to have more frequent service from the company.
We used The Cleaning Authority for the 1st time on April 18th and they did a great job! I was quiet pleased with their work ethic and close attention to detail. I was able to spend more time with my family and some of my stress was relieved in having a clean home! My only request would be that they arrive on time as I was told they would be here between 8am-8:30am and they did not arrive until 8:45/8:50am. Does not seem like a big difference in time; however, my husband was waiting for them to finish so he could sleep as he works nights. Other than this, very satisfied with our 1st experience!
The Cleaning Authority is a well run, professional business. They provide excellent staff to clean houses. The staff are professional, honest, competent, and fast. They are very trustworthy. I am really happy with their service.
The service was good!
The Cleaning Authority has done 2 cleanings on my house, both the deep starter cleanings. What a fantastic job they did both times! There is nothing better than coming home to a clean house. I am so glad I found these ladies. Thank you!
The Cleaning Authority arrived on time, did a great job, and most importantly, provided documentation and receipts for their work. I highly recommend them!
Their attention to detail is amazing. So glad to have found them! Great price for an excellent clean.
My family and I have been extremely happy with The Cleaning Authority and recommend them very highly!
My cleaning team has done an excellent job of cleaning our house. They are careful with items and have not broken anything. Everything is left in excellent condition. The kids are excited to come home and see how beautiful the house is and so is their Mom! Lastly, the letter left with the cleaning for the day list and what will be done on the next visit is incredibly helpful. My family and I are highly satisfied with your company so far and look forward to a long relationship.