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Margie and Brooke were very reliable and thorough. Would highly recommend with what I've seen so far!
We love Jenn & Erika. They are professional, hard working, happy girls. It was a pleasure to have them here.
The girls you sent were great. They did very little talking, no rests or breaks, and very friendly. Would like to have them back again.
Don't know why I didn't sign up long before now. Girls were personable and thorough.
What a difference.....and I've only gotten the first deep clean! Don't know why I didn't sign up long before now. Girls were personable and thorough.
The cleaning team were great. They did an awesome job!
Just wanted to call and say that our house cleaning was fantastic today. We had Denise and Lexiee. I'm not sure if either one of them has been here before but they were very good, very friendly and very fast. So just want to let you know that was a great team.
Girls did a great job - My house is sparkling!
Very happy to get my home back in shape. Looking forward to 3/17/17 for the second cleaning!
Cleaning team arrived on time and went right to work. They were polite, professional and very personable..... This is the first time I've had my home professionally cleaned and contacted The Cleaning Authority based on a personal reference. I was impressed with the in home estimate and very happy with the flexibility of service appointments. I'm very happy with the level of service provided at this time and intend to update this review after my second clean. My four star rating is based on my initial appointment.
The girls did a wonderful job! I am very happy with their work-plus they are very polite etc. The house is big and it had just gotten away from me. I can see day light now and can do other things that need tending to.
The cleaners, Kati & Sam, did an outstanding job in my house today. The place is gleaming!
All the girls are really good, especially Heidi - she is excellent! Love the service!
This service is thorough and dependable. In addition the cleaners are not only efficient but also friendly!
The Cleaning Authority is a professional and AFFORDABLE, YES AFFORDABLE, cleaning company. I wish I had found them sooner! My house was spotless and the staff was friendly and the finished product exceeded by expectations 11.03.2016
The Cleaning Authority gives me peace of mind knowing my house will be cleaned properly in a timely manner.
They are the best I've ever had I have my friends use them and they are very pleased with them.
Me and my wife are thrilled with the service, Thank You!
Katie & Paige were very personable & professional. Worked with no interruptions and stayed on task!
They've done a good job. We look forward to their monthly cleaning.
Jenn & Autumn did an awesome job! The house looked great. They were friendly too. Thank you.
The was the first time for me using a cleaning company and I was very impressed! Thank you - 08.08.2016
I just came home and I thought I was in the wrong house. Donna, Melanie & Shannon did a wonderful job cleaning. Outstanding job. Thank you.
Margie & Kathy do an AMAZING job cleaning our home and we feel it is important for you to know what assets they are to your organization. I know it is important to recognize individuals that are the face to your business.
We were very satisfied with the first time service.
I love love love Alley & Ashley ...can I have them every time ??? They were so efficient & took time to notice ever single spot ... And they worked at a pace that made me tired watching them ... But my house is wonderful!!! Can I request they be my regular girls?
I just wanted to let you know that our house looks and smells absolutely fantastic today. Heidi, Jessica and Rose did an amazing job. Please let them know how much we appreciate it.
My team of Amber and Audrey were very good, and checked to be sure we were happy with the clean.
I have to tell you, I am totally thrilled with my house. It is so clean and your staff was amazing. They were very professional and I trusted them in my house. They were very nice people that you sent here. Just when I thought everything was perfect another woman came in just to make sure that things were going smoothly. I thought that was a nice touch. And she had no problem getting her hands dirty either !! She jumped right in and saw things that the other two missed... Little things, that I probably would not of noticed. Thank you so much for yesterday.
All 4 ladies that have come into our home have been hard working and friendly. Kudos to them. Very satisfied thus far.
Jenn & Keri were punctual, professional, friendly, and very efficient... Great !!!!
Just wanted to call to say the girls did a phenomenal job cleaning. They obviously work very hard, my house is sparkling! Stupendous....... Excellent........ Extremely Satisfied - 01.18.2016
Professional & friendly. Wonderful work by the cleaners! 01.15.2016
Heather & Jessica were very hard working young women and very personable - 01.12.2016
My brother and I are very happy with the wonderful service Angelica and Keri gave us today. We also found Debi to be warm & friendly and answered any questions. Great team! Looking forward to seeing the girls again - 01.11.2016
In addition to doing a GREAT job, this "A Team" is friendly & cheerful! And they found a lost bracelet and earrings behind some furniture. 12.17.2015
Thank you so much. First time using your service was a pleasure and the cleaners were very professional. 12.03.2015
Heather & Dawn the cleaning team were very courteous & professional. Did a great job. Glad I called The Cleaning Authority 10.28.2015
Awesome job!!!! The house looks really great. Thank you - 10.15.2015
This is my first experience with a cleaning service and I am very happy with the work that they did! I have already recommended The Cleaning Authority to all my friends - 10.13.2015
WOW! I was very pleased with the cleaning done at my home on Friday. I wasn't expecting the tiles next to my slop sink in the laundry room to be so clean! 10.05.2015
I just wanted to say wow and thank you! The ladies did an excellent job! I really appreciate how kind they were to our dog. That means a lot to me. Thanks again! 09.28.2015
Exceptional clean today!!! Thanks Brandee & Dawn!! 09.25.2015
It was so nice to come home a sparkling home! Amber & Pam did a great job!
The cleaners are doing a wonderful job cleaning my home. It's worth every penny just so I don't have to do the cleaning - 08.14.2015
This is the first time we have had The Cleaning Authority clean our home. They were very professional and pleasant. They did a great job, we are very pleased, thank you! 07.13.2015
Fantastic Job today by Melanie & Angelica! I definitely will tell friends about your service. Thanks! 07.08.2015
Karen & Laura did a really great job today. Tell them thanks again! 07.01.2015
Overall, my husband and I are very happy with your cleaners and your company. I have a busy life with two young children so many times my house is not as clutter free as I would like. The girls do a great job under those circumstances, especially in my girls rooms. One opportunity is dusting. Especially in our living room ledges and entertainment center and also the blinds. 06.12.2015
Jenn, Mary & Nancy, did a very nice job! We were very pleased with the first cleaning! Keep up the good work and I will help you get many more accounts in our community! 05.26.2015
Very pleased by the thoroughness of your crew. Delighted to have your Office Manager checkup on the job your crew was doing. House hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. 04.17.2015
First rate cleaning & attention to detail in every respect! 04.10.2015
Wonderful job cleaning my home. I had to stop home to pick up some things while your employees were at my home cleaning. I must say they are very very nice ladies. You have great employees working for you and they did a fantastic job. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. I will be very sad when I move not to have your employees clean my home. Thanks again! 04.08.2015
Our house looked great!! It was so nice to come home to such a clean house. Our dog was a little nervous and a great deal of effort was made to make sure he and the girls were all okay. I am looking forward to our next clean. Thank you!!! 03.25.2015
We love Margie & Christine. They do a great job and are extremely pleasant. 03.25.2015
The cleaners did a really nice job in our house for on our first clean today. 03.17.2015
The cleaners just left and did a great job once again! 03.08.2015
Great job! Thanks for dealing with all the dog fur! 02.27.2015
The cleaners did an amazing job in our house today. They made us feel we knew them for years. Can't believe how clean our range looks after the clean! 02.25.2015
Heather and Heather are both delightful to have in our house. 02.05.2015
Glad to have TCA back. Melanie and Amber did an awesome job today! The house looks great! Thank you! 01.16.2015
I called to say how happy I am with my clean today. The cleaners did an exceptional job!! 08.21.2014
Very pleased with our clean from Heather & Heather. 08.11.2014
Our home looks beautiful! Planning on stopping by office to say hi! 07.23.2014
I really want to thank Karen & Jeni for finding and turning in a diamond necklace and a $20 bill while cleaning my home. I really appreciate their honesty. I really would have missed the necklace! Way to go Karen & Jeni!!! 07.23.2014
My clean turned out really well. Girls did a very good job! 07.25.2014
Home looks great, girls did a great job once again! 07.28.2014
The girls did a very nice job & reminded me of my youth when I was able to do it all! They were very hard working. 07.13.2014
The cleaners did a very nice job. I am very pleased. The girls were very nice. 07.14.2014
The cleaners did an excellent job! They worked so hard even on their hands and knees. I offered them a kneeler but they wouldn't accept it. So proud of all their hard work! 07.14.2014
Everything was great, my wife was raving about all the work the cleaners did! 06.23.2014
The cleaners just left my home and I just wanted to tell you how very thrilled I am with all their hard work, I love the girls they are so sweet. 06.18.2014
The girls did an excellent job on my last clean, I'm very pleased 05.29.2014
Very glad to have the cleaning service. They did a great job, everything looks great 06.09.2014
Girls were great, everything looks great, very happy with service 06.10.2014
Girls did a very nice job, we are extremely pleased and happy. Will definitely refer The Cleaning Authority to other people. Thank you Sean!
OMG! My clean was excellent, your two Heathers did a fantastic job!
We just had our first clean. Not only did the cleaners do a thorough deep cleaning in the bathrooms & kitchens, they also got through a lot of heavy dusting. We are very happy with the service. 05.09.2014
The two Heathers cleaned my home today and the clean went really well. 05.09.2014
The cleaners worked really hard and very happy with the results! 05.09.2014
I am extremely pleased with my clean - Send the same girls again! 05.09.2014
My house looks wonderful after my first clean - Thank You! 05.09.2014
The women at The Cleaning Authority are extremely pleasant and I am very satisfied with every aspect of their work & cleaning! 05.08.2014
Melanie and Nancy cleaned our home today and I just wanted to commend them on a great job! They really, really did a great job! I noticed as soon as I walked in that they really paid attention to detail. My home felt very clean! 05.07.2014
Everything went great on our second clean. Your girls are really hard workers! 05.01.2014
As always, our home looks great & very happy with service from The Cleaning Authority 05.01.2014
My clean went extremely well. When I returned home my house looked wonderful! I am very satisfied with the service 05.02.2014
The girls (Gina & Stacey) did a fabulous job, would love to have them both back! 04.28.2014
Just had my first clean - Great Job! I am very satisfied. 04.29.2014
The cleaners did an outstanding job cleaning my home today. I cant praise their job well enough! 04.23.2014
We are very happy with the service we have been receiving. Keep up the great work! 04.24.14
Yesterday's clean was Excellent! I just want Karen & Jenn to keep coming back! 04.03.2014
I had my first clean yesterday and it was absolutely perfect. Margie, Michele and Jennifer are wonderful. 04.03.2014
I was very satisfied with the excellent job that Jennifer did in my home today she is very pleasant, very through and I am very satisfied with her work. I highly recommend her. 03.27.2014
Nancy & Melanie did an amazing job yesterday cleaning my home. Also want to mention how pleasant & professional all of your cleaning staff are. 03.18.2014
I am extremely pleased with the great job Heather & Heather did with everything. I'm very, very happy and am looking forward to them coming again. I hope this is the beginning of a nice long relationship. 03.14.2014
Jenn & Michelle did a wonderful job cleaning my house today. Thank you!! 03.06.2014
Great job! We are very pleased with your company & staff. 02.28.14
Margie & Michelle did an awesome job cleaning my home yesterday!!! 12.06.2013
I am very, very, very happy with my first clean yesterday. Had a different cleaning company for the last 8 months and my husband said we have to keep The Cleaning Authority! 11.21.2013
Love your staff and work! 11.20.2013
Your service is excellent. Very happy we chose your service to clean our home. 11.13.2013
Our clean was perfect. The service is working very well for us. 09.25.2013
We had first clean and called to say the cleaners did an AWESOME job! Very happy with service. 09.26.2013
Girls did a beautiful job! Already referred a friend! 09.27.2013
Had our first clean last week and was very impressed! Keep up the good work! 09.20.2013
Margie & Michelle did an amazing job on my first clean with the company. I am absolutely delighted with how my home looks. 08.15.2013
Melanie & Kim did a fantastic job on my first initial clean! They were extremely polite and courteous and a pleasure to have in the house. They also were amazing with my dog. 07.26.2013
I am amazed how sparkly clean my glass shower doors are after cleaners come to my home. Cleaning crew never disappoints in all areas. I definitely recommend The Cleaning Authority to everyone. 07.01.2013
After a recent complaint, Erika (Office Manager) did a great job addressing our concerns. She also inspected the follow up clean to ensure all aspects of the clean were being carried out. 05.10.13
The cleaners are always so polite & professional. I love coming home to my clean home after its been cleaned. 04.15.2013
Michelle and Margie came out to clean for me and I was very pleased with the house when they left. They were so professional, fast, and efficient. So glad I signed up with The Cleaning Authority to help ease my work load. 04.08.2013
I am a happy camper after my first clean! You have no idea how happy I am. The team got rid of all the cobwebs , moved my chairs, got all the dust bunnies and did a fine fine job. My house looks so nice. 03.29.2013
The girls did a phenomenal job today and the house looks perfect! 03.21.2013
Every time I have the team with Candyce and Sara I couldn't be happier with them. They do a spectacular job. They should be very valued employees. 3.19.13
As usual, the girls who came today did a terrific job for which I am eternally grateful! 03.13.2013
Jesika and Victoria did a phenomenal job! Hard working and wonderful personalities! I could not be happier with the girls! 03.12.2013
All I can say is what my 6 year old said when she walked into the house - Wow! Thanks Rosa, Melanie, and Nancy! Excellent job. They are quite the team!
Megan and Candyce did a great job!
Ashley and Desiree do a great job cleaning my house. They are not only professional in doing their work, but they are extremely pleasant. It is a pleasure to have them in my home.
I look forward to seeing Amanda & Toni every month.. they are actually like friends stopping by!
A few months ago, the Tuckerton office took over our route because the local office for Toms River closed. While we were happy before, we have found the staff from Tuckerton much more thorough than the TR staff. Stephanie and Ariel do an exceptional job for us!
Ashley and Desiree do great job, The house was spotless and organized and I cant say enought about their work, they deserve to be recognized for the excellent job they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The girls today Ariel and Stephanie did an excellent thorough job for us and would like them back, very nice gals. These gals were extra special. Thank you.