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I like the idea of coming home to a clean house, leaving time for other things!!
Quality performance always... thanks guys...
The house keepers were professional and provided an excellent service!
My husband and I asked ourselves why we waited so long to have our home cleaned by professionals. Now we have more time for us.
I recently moved back to Jacksonville and had used two independent maids that didn't work out at all; they were very unreliable and didn't consistently do a good job. After receiving a flyer in the mail I decided to try a cleaning service and boy was I impressed at the professionalism, attention to detail, and the one thing I loved the most is they put thing back where they got them after cleaning, i.e. all of my canisters were right back in the same line-up on the kitchen counter. There is even a supervisor who double checks their work before they leave. I can't wait for them to come back next week! I am very much looking forward to having the same crew for many years to come! Thank you for making my life a LOT easier!
I have tried several cleaning companies and none compare to them. They actually perform as stated in the agreement. I don't see dirt building up in corners nor on walls nor blinds as experienced by other companies I have used in the past. Over a year with them and the longest I have ever stayed with one company.
They are great ladies....trustworthy, polite, professional. Elida was fantastic to work with on the first house and now I'm onto the next house. Highly recommended!
First cleaning was completed last week....extremely well done.
The team did a very thorough job on their first clean.
Life is busy and we are so happy to have found The Cleaning Authority. The team came in and really did an outstanding job cleaning our whole house. We couldn't be happier.
The Cleaning Authority has been caring for my home for many years and we are well satisfied. On Monday February 1, 2016, after team # 4 cleaned our home, my adult daughter had a special reason to be pleased with the attention to detail and customer service demonstrated by your teams. Her message of gratitude follows. I am reminded that what might seem like a small gesture can mean so much to another person. Thank you. Sincerely, Paula Egan On Monday February 1st, I walked into my bathroom and sitting on the counter was a gold ring. To the team member cleaning our home that day, it may have seemed like a small, insignificant act- to come across a piece of jewelry while cleaning and simply place it on the counter- but for me, it was anything but insignificant. This particular ring is very, very special to me and one I have worn everyday for the last 20 years. I was certain that this ring had been lost down the shower drain the previous week and had been devastated by its loss. I searched my bathroom in the hopes that the ring bounced out of the shower but, after not finding it, had to accept that it was lost down the drain and I was just heartbroken. Walking into my bathroom Monday and seeing it on the counter was a moment of unexpected joy! I am so incredibly thankful to the team member who was working at our home that day for her thoroughness in cleaning which resulted in finding my ring and to all the team members who treat our home and belongings with such care. With sincere appreciation, Siobhan Egan
Although I have had different teams cleaning my home, the consistent quality is a pleasant surprise! Thank you!
We had our first cleaning today and my husband and I are thrilled with the results! Thank you to the team that cleaned our home. You know you've got something special when even your soap dish is sparkling! Inside our microwave and taster oven too! Thank you!!
Team 2 did an excellent job. It was great to come home from my trip to a shiny clean home.
What a SUPER job those girls did!!!!! My house just Sparkles! I am delighted!
I have had team 20 regularly cleaning my home and could not be more satisfied. They are extremely professional, hard working and do an excellent job. They are also very, very friendly and kind to my annoying puppy.
Please than Team 11 for the fabulous job they did cleaning this week. I especially appreciated the extra attention they gave to the kitchen floor!
Our team is great.....always do a GREAT job!! We appreciate them.
I was thrilled at the cleaning that was provided!! I felt like I was in a hotel room it was so fresh and clean! Very thorough!!
Your team 2 is so awesome! I truly enjoy them coming to clean because I know when I return I'll be happy! What a great job!
Team 12 did a wonderful job today. I have had The Cleaning Authority cleaning my home for over 5 years and the peace of mind I have when I come home from teaching first graders all day can't be expressed enough. Thank you!
Team #16 did a great job....great attention to detail. I notice those extra little things and really appreciate it. Great Job!!
I just wanted to thank the team for a wonderful job that they did at my house. The clean was perfect!!
I have tried many cleaning services and individuals. This service was the best ever. The got areas so clean, I could not believe could ever get that clean. Talk about of the women found a $50 bill under the furniture and gave it to us. I will use The Cleaning Authority for many years to come. I cannot say enough good things about these women, they are awesome!!!! Thank you so much.
The team did an AWESOME job at my place yesterday! I have never had anyone do my cleaning before, but am thoroughly pleased with the results and glad I used your business : ) Thanks!
I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for a great service that was provided to our family yesterday. The crew did an OURSTANDING job, making our house not only clean, but shiny from the ceiling fans to the baseboards. When you said, "detailed cleaning", I had no idea as to what that truly meant, until now. Thank you again, for such an outstanding and professional job.
Your teams do an excellant job, everything is always wonderful to come home to!
Hello! Katty and Leticia left my house a little over an hour ago. And...OH. MY GOODNESS!!!! The word....SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I've only had one other lady come in and clean this house (we've only been here for four months) and she did not do a very good job. I've been overwhelmed, trying to get this house clean,(with two babies under three, two dogs and two cats) but your team did an absolutely PERFECT job! This is the best cleaning job ...and I must say.....EVERY surface has a sheen!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I WILL spread the word on the SUPERIOR work your team does!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We look forward to working more with you!!
I wanted to drop a quick note...the cleaning crew that came to our house today was excellent. They were fast and thorough and I was very happy with the results. Thank you!
My oh my, I want to thank YOU and ROBIN and ANA, wow what a great job ya'll did! Please let them know that I will have them a little surprise when they return in 2 weeks. Such a nice feeling today when I returned from work, every thing looks great!! Again, Thank you and next time have the girls leave a few business cards and I will pass around!!