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Kimberly and Tabitha did a wonderful job! I am so happy with my decision to do this.
They were very efficient and did a good job. NEVER had cleaning people clean my house ever. But, I love it.
I have had my first deep clean, I am so impressed. I look forward to a long relationship with The Cleaning Authority.
Veronica and Brittany did a terrific first cleaning. Efficient and thorough, and I feel so much better about my house already.
The cleaning staff was awesome. They never stopped for one minute but cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. I'd like those two back again! I look forward to our second clean.
After our first A cleaning, my wife and I were extremely satisfied with the detail and thoroughness of our cleaning.
We have a steady stream of kids and company through our home. Keeping it clean is a full-time job and Cleaning Authority is the boost that gives us time to enjoy the people we love. They even love our dog!
After using other similar cleaning services and private housekeepers in the past, I was wary to use a new company. The initial visit to explain services and give me a quote was efficient and impressive. Then I had my first cleaning and my house looks like new again! I can't wait to continue using and referring to this wonderful company!
Had my first clean last week. It was so nice to come home to a clean house they did a great job!! Can't wait for them to come again, so glad I did this for me!
In years past we were able to keep our house spotlessly clean, but now that my mother is approaching 80 years of age and I (in my fifties) have become physically disabled we can no longer keep our home as clean as we like by ourselves. We're still able to do some light house cleaning but not the much important deep cleaning. It really helps to have The Cleaning Authority come in every other week to do the intense cleaning that we can't do. This allows us to do the surface cleaning on weeks that the house keepers aren't scheduled to clean so that once again, with The Cleaning Authority's help, we can have the spotlessly clean home that we've always had. The cleaning staff is very detailed oriented. They're very friendly and expedient. Best of all, The Cleaning Authority is very reasonably priced. They have cleaning options for any budget. I wish I would have found them years earlier! Thanks Cleaning Authority! I'll definitely continue to recommend you to all my friends and family.
I have used the Cleaning Authority for 8 Years and they have been nothing short of wonderful.
Very dependable and I always get a great clean. In the five years they have been cleaning my home they have never missed a clean.
I just had my second deep clean and if the rest of the cleans are as great as the first two deep cleans I'll be looking forward to a long lasting relationship.
Great company, great clean. Very flexible. I've had to change my cleaning days a few times and they are always very helpful.